What Does Rabbit Taste Like: Understanding Its Complex Flavor

If you are curious to know what does rabbit taste like, keep on reading the rest of this post. This meat is not widely available around the world, which is why only a few people know about its unique flavor. In some places, it is also an expensive delicacy, which is why I can completely understand if you have not yet tasted rabbit meat.

Known as a new breed of urban chickens, rabbit meat, in a general sense, is tasty and distinct. It is hard to describe its flavor in a single word because it is quite complex. In this post, I will give you a description of its taste that is as accurate as possible.​

What Does Rabbit Taste Like

When you think of meat, there are four things that will instantly come out of your mind – pork, chicken, beef, and turkey. They are widely available and often the ones that are most common on restaurant menus. Rabbit meat, on the other hand, is something that is unheard of for many.

The specific flavor of rabbit will depend on the type of meat that you will be eating. The wild rabbit has a stronger and meat flavor compared to a domestic rabbit. Wild rabbit is also leaner and drier compared to their domestic counterparts.

If you ask anyone who has tasted rabbit before, you will see that most of them will compare it to the taste of chicken. It is slightly gamier compared to chicken, especially wild rabbit. Both wild and domestic rabbit, on the other hand, will be lighter compared to red meat.

However, it should be pointed out that there is no perfect way of describing the taste of rabbit meat. At the end of the day, this will depend on the way it is cooked and the flavorings that are used. More of this will be discussed in the next section.​

How To Cook Rabbit

One of the most popular ways to cook rabbit is to have it roasted. To make it flavorful, marinate it with Dijon mustard, olive oil, and black pepper. Let it sit in the fridge at least overnight before roasting. This will make it more flavorful.

Cooking rabbit as a stew will also be a good idea. In this case, it will have a strong taste depending on what will be used as a base. Some people use chicken broth while there are others who opt to use white vinegar. Beer and cider can also be used if you want to be more creative with your recipe.

If you want the rabbit to be dry and crispy, on the other hand, you can fry it. You can marinate it in spiced buttermilk for a distinct flavor. Make sure to cover it with flour and cook it in deep oil so that it will be crunchy on the outside and mouthwatering on the inside.

For a more flavorful dish, a slow cooking rabbit can also be a good idea. You can marinate it in water chestnuts, onion, garlic, mushroom, carrots, celery, and pepper. Cooking the rabbit slowly will allow the meat to absorb fully absorb the flavor of the ingredients used.

Reasons To Eat Rabbit Meat

If you grew up in a place where a rabbit is uncommon, you might think that eating its meat is a crazy idea. However, in countries where a rabbit is popular, either wild or domestic, it is common to eat its meat, which is prepared in various ways depending on the flavor that is preferred.

Among other things, eating rabbit meat is a good idea because of its nutritional value. It is a healthy white meat, which contains calcium, phosphorus, and digestible protein. It is also a good thing that it has low fat and sodium, making it perfect if you are watching your weight.

Rabbit is also good because you can grow it domestically. Rabbit raising is relatively easy and they are low maintenance. It will not take long before they are big enough and ready to be cooked the way you want to.​

Tips For Preparing And Cooking Rabbit Meat

If you want optimal flavor from any rabbit dish, it is crucial that it is prepared and cooked the right way. From cutting the meat to making sure that it is not overcooked or undercooked, you need to be careful to be sure that your meat will be flavorful.

When cooking rabbit meat, you have the option to retain its internal organs, especially the liver. This will make it tastier. However, if you want it to taste less gamey, remove all the organs and cook only its meat.

Rabbit meat should be cooked at the right level of heat and at the right time to extract most of its flavor and to avoid it from being soggy. Ideally, the heat should not be below 325 degrees Fahrenheit. It will also be best to cook it for at least an hour.


By now, I hope that you already know what does rabbit taste like. Below is a summary of the points that have been discussed above:

  • Rabbit meat has a distinct and light flavor, which is comparable to chicken.
  • Wild rabbit has a stronger and gamier taste compared to domestic rabbit.
  • The taste of rabbit meat will depend on the specific way it is cooked and the flavorings that are used. You can have it roasted, fried, braised, stewed, or slow-cooked, among others.
  • Proper preparation and cooking are important for the optimal flavor of rabbit meat. Make sure to cook it based on the recommended time and temperature.

Have you tasted rabbit meat before? How would you describe its flavor? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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