What Goes Good With Hot Chocolate?

There are many delectable sweet treats that pair perfectly with a cup of hot chocolate, from cookies and pastries to hearty scones and slices of tea bread.

Salty snacks pair perfectly with hot chocolate, such as roasted nuts or popcorn. A homemade whipped cream recipe can also easily be found online, adding an indulgent creaminess to the drink.

1. Sweet flavors

Hot chocolate can be enjoyed on its own or with sweet toppings such as whipped cream and marshmallows; however, its versatility allows it to pair beautifully with other flavors too – including sweet, salty and tangy snacks to further enhance its delicious taste.

Salt adds depth of flavor without increasing sugar consumption, and also acts as an excellent way to add crunch without added calories. Other salty snacks that pair well with hot chocolate include graham crackers, cookies and popcorn; try Cookie and Kate’s recipe for an addictive crunch-packed treat to pair perfectly with your cocoa cup!

Cinnamon pairs well with the rich, buttery flavor of milk chocolate, while peppermint candies or holiday candies add another sweet note.

Are You Craving Something Special with Their Hot Chocolate? For something extra indulgent, add an assortment of liqueurs. Amaretto pairs perfectly with chocolate; alternative options can include hazelnut (Frangelico) and raspberry flavors – for something bolder try dropping in slices of fresh Habanero pepper or splash of your favorite hot sauce to give it a spicy kick!

2. Salty flavors

Hot chocolate pairs well with many snacks, and pairing it with something salty is often best. Pretzels, nuts or marble rye bread all work great as accompaniments; just be wary of overly salty foods which could clash with its creamy richness.

Roasted nuts offer another salty option that pairs nicely with hot cocoa, or they can be purchased in bags alongside other snack mixes, such as pretzels and rice Chex. Lightly salted nuts complement chocolate’s sweet sweetness by accentuating its unique nutty aroma.

Certified Cheese Professionals (CCPs) agree that many types of cheese pair well with chocolate. At the milder end, soft and tangy fresh cheeses make an ideal pairing with milk chocolate; bloomy rind varieties such as Petite Camembert pair beautifully with darker varieties that aren’t overly-sweet; Alpine-style cheeses like Pleasant Ridge Reserve provide satisfyingly nutty, toasty contrast to bittersweet chocolate’s caramel notes.

3. Tangy flavors

While hot chocolate may typically be enjoyed as an independent treat, it actually pairs nicely with various foods and beverages. Tangy flavors like those found in fruits and cheeses can help balance out its sweet notes; sea salt also enhances its flavor while decreasing bitterness.

Are you craving something sweet to complement your cup of cocoa? For an amazing homemade banana split chocolate treat, combine milk, cocoa powder and bananas into an irresistibly delectable treat! With this easy recipe you’re guaranteed an indulgent dessert which tastes just like its namesake!

Sugar cookies are another classic treat that pairs beautifully with hot chocolate, thanks to their crunchy texture complementing its velvety smoothness. There are several recipes online for making this delectable treat, such as this one from Belly Full.

Pirouline wafers make an irresistibly tasty addition to any hot chocolate beverage, dissolving into an irresistibly creamy white puddle in your mouth and providing an excellent alternative to marshmallows.

Jams and jellies make an excellent pairing with chocolate, both dark and milk varieties alike. These flavorful spreads can either be served alongside your beverage, or used to stir it up – peppermint jelly works especially well when served alongside either one!

4. Alcohol

An adult beverage such as Kahlua adds classic mocha flavor with an edge, while Baileys Irish Cream provides creamy indulgence to enhance any cocoa experience.

Other liqueurs, like rum and vanilla, make for deliciously decadent hot chocolate cocktails. Peppermint schnapps is another wonderful holiday beverage choice; cherry liqueur also pairs well with chocolate.

Explore different kinds of alcohol to discover which you prefer the most, such as whisky being added to alcoholic hot chocolate, or using vodka with added flavors like raspberry.

Make a delicious boozy hot chocolate by mixing unsweetened cocoa powder, sugar and salt in a small saucepan, followed by stirring in milk before adding your choice of liquor – optionally with marshmallows if desired – then serving immediately and enjoying.

5. Nuts

Chocolate pairs perfectly with many foods, and while hot chocolate is typically enjoyed alone or topped with marshmallows, it can also serve as the foundation for other desserts. By pairing your hot chocolate drink with different treats that add salty, sweet or tart elements to it, your experience may become much more fulfilling than many realize!

Nuts are an ideal combination for pairing with chocolate dishes such as hot cocoa. Their crunchy texture adds dimension and helps to reduce sweetness; plus they are an excellent source of protein and iron!

Simplistically, to add nuts to your hot chocolate experience is easy – simply stir some into the mix or add a handful to your cup. For an upgraded experience, why not try maple walnut tassies as an enjoyable variation on classic cookie flavor profiles that almond fans will especially enjoy.

Lindt Organic and Fair Trade-Certified Cocoa Powder is one of the highest quality options, low in sugar content, with no thickeners added to make a superior chocolate experience. Another fantastic option is Lake Champlain Traditional Organic with its delicious rich taste and minimal ingredient list – also great for families with dairy allergies and lactose intolerance as it uses cow’s milk that has been responsibly sourced for production.

6. Chocolate bars

An accompaniment that complements the sweetness of hot chocolate is ideal, such as marshmallows melted directly into your drink for added flair. Other great choices could be graham crackers or shortbread cookies.

Peanuts or almonds make for the ideal crunchy accompaniment to hot chocolate, complementing its creamy texture while providing an alternative to candy canes commonly seen on PSLs. Other nut varieties such as hazelnuts and pecans also pair perfectly.

Make a sweet treat out of hot cocoa by starting with a chocolate bar that contains more cocoa solids than standard milk chocolate options – the results will be more intense in terms of taste.

Establishing a hot cocoa bar with friends can be an enjoyable activity to do during winter holidays or Christmas eve before going out looking at lights. To add a festive atmosphere, paper straws and cute spoons can make this party even more festive; vintage silver tea or coffee sets can even provide better heat conductivity than other containers for serving drinks!

7. Fruit

There are various side dishes that pair perfectly with hot chocolate, from sweet treats to savory ones. Each adds their own distinctive flavor and texture – and are an effective way to elevate your drink’s enjoyment!

Fruit is an ideal accompaniment for sweet foods and works as a refreshing palate cleanser to balance out their rich sweetness. Tangy citrus fruits like oranges, lemons, tangerines and tangerines pair perfectly with hot chocolate as do blackberries and raspberries; Granny Smith apples also provide tasty combinations!

Nuts make an ideal chocolate-friendly snack. Roasted nuts with just the right touch of salt provide the ideal crunch to cut through the richness of chocolate. Or you could try an almond or pistachio bar combined into one delicious treat!

Mexican-style chocolate is the perfect complement to churros, the crispy dough-balls encrusted in cinnamon and sugar that you can find at Mexican grocery stores or make yourself using this easy recipe. Their cinnamon-sugar combination brings out the rich nutty notes in chocolate while acting as both stirrers and dippers to elevate the beverage experience.

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