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What Is the Best Site to Buy Wine Online? Top 7 Choices for You If You Love Wine

So you want to know the best place to buy wine online. Buying wine online is easier than you think. It is also cheaper, in some places. So every day that passes and you do not order your first bottle of wine online, it’s a major loss.

In this article, I’ll talk about the best site to buy wine online. Whether you’re a wine enthusiast and you buy wine from your local store all through the week. Or you like purchasing wine for the weekend. There is a possibility that certain online retail stores have more variety than your local wine shop.

So I better not take more of your time. And find you the ideal spot to buy first wine bottle online successfully.

Best Sites to Buy Wine Online

1. Last Bottle Wines


This website is special in that it’s not like your average wine shop. It doesn’t fancy chocolates or glassware or any other distraction. It gets right down to the point. And that is offering you a new wine selection each day.

You won’t stumble into even a single problem when you order from Last Bottle Wines. The prices are affordable. And you’ll also find many discounted rates – from 30% to 70% off retail prices!

These deep discounts, hassle-free ordering, and seamless delivery. You can ear referrals, get free shipping, and a lot more once you start ordering from their website. Located in Napa Valley. You’ll also enjoy the delicious fine wine descriptions under each wine-of-the-day.

2. Hamel Family Wines


Hamel Family Wines are a high-end domestic winery for new and returning customers. It’s a tempting website to order wine from because it’s not mass-produced. So it’s high-quality, intense, and unforgettable.

The website offers a variety of wine selections from Sonoma Valley and Moon Mountain Distract estate vineyards. Organic, biodynamic, and lasting. You can buy estate wines, reserve wines, and collector wines for your home.

And an incredible advantage is the fact that Hamel Family Wines also offers complementary shipping to future reservations.

3. Brick & Mortar


This is a nation-wide online wine shop for everyone. You get free shipping if you order more than six bottles of wine. It offers a large selection of wine to new customers. From the classic selections to modern tastes.

If you’re looking for an elegant and sincere online wine shop, go for the Brick & Mortar experience.

4. BottleRocket


You only have to browse a website like BottleRocket and know that it’s curated by wine experts. There are tons of things to look forward to when shopping for wine online. And on BottleRocket, the founder Tom Geniesse offers accurate and efficient browsing for new and experienced wine drinkers.

Better than traditional wine shops, BottleRocket offers you a wide selection of wines. Depending on the food you prefer, price, and location.

If you are seeking advice and good suggestions regarding wines, BottleRocket has an extensive catalog for you to look forward to. You simply have to click on certain options like “beef” or “seafood” or “takeout” and the website recommends you the best wines.

5. Wine.com


If you’re looking for the largest online wine retailer, here it is. It controls up to 20% of the online wine market. It’s based in San Francisco and ships everywhere. It also offers FedEx online pickups from the nearest FedEx stores in your area.

The shipping costs is quite affordable. It depends on the size and weight of the order you placed. Also, for most areas, you can also accelerate the delivery of the wine. You may have to pay a little extra to do so.

The website carries thousands and thousands of wines per year. You can select the perfect wine depending on vintages, location, and other vital criteria.

It’s the ideal e-commerce setup for people who want to shop for wines online.

6. Millesima USA


This is a great choice for fine wine drinkers. The website contains France’s finest wines and has been for over 40 years. Recently, they also started offering the best discounts on wines that in a local shop you might have to pay more for.

The website’s interface is quite intuitive. It delivers on time and as scheduled no matter the shape and size of the package. You can also contact their customer case for more details on specific wines. And if you’re looking for arranging corporate gifting packages and personalized notes.

It’s a good website for choosing specific wines and for high-end buying.

7. WineBid


This is a slightly different website than the other wine retail websites. However, it is the best place to find and buy wine at cheaper costs. It’s technically an online auction store. If you want to skip the auction part, you can also go straight to make a purchase of the wine you like.

WineBid is known for its easy navigation and user-friendly interface. You can find different wines based on variety, private collectors, age, and much more. On this website, you’re paying a lot less for a wine that would probably cost at least twenty dollars more in a local wine shop. And you’ll find some of the finest and perfectly-aged wines in this store at a less-than-retail price.


Buying wine online is no longer a difficult or confusing task. Multiple online retail stores offer a wide selection of wines. And they sell it directly to customers across the country. You can either buy wine online from large retail stores or from specific wineries. You can shop per bottle or in stock.

The thing about buying wine online – even if it’s your first bottle of wine – is that it’s seamless. More and more states allow large-scale and small-scale retailers to sell wine online.

And the buying process, packaging, shipping, and delivery. All these things are all done without a fuss or a hassle! So you don’t have to worry about wasting your dime (and time) on something that has zero value and no long-lasting returns. Because in the world of online shopping, a delicacy like wine is not going to get left behind!

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