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What Size Meat Grinder for Deer Is Accurate and What Qualities It Should Have?


A meat grinder is an important item in a kitchen, especially when you love trying various meat & fast food items at home. Grinding venison meat is one of the hunter’s favorite thing to do, what size meat grinder for deer is okay?

I always prefer the compact size meat grinder for having my venison ground meat because I don’t have a large family, and have to attend to many guests. Moreover, it’s seen that compact meat grinders perform better than small or large ones; therefore, I got one.

Anyway, let’s find out in the article about the best meat grinder & what to look for while buying one, including ground meat’s necessity.

Why Do You Need to Process Your Meat in a Grinder: Know the Reasons

Well, deer have always been the hunter’s choice because it’s delicious even if it’s cooked as a simple curry; the taste will increase more if you add it to sausages, meatballs, burgers, etc.

However, do you want to know why it’s necessary to grind the venison meat & what are the perks?

  1. First of all, grinding it will make the fibers more tender & soft; grinders are experts in preparing juicy meat.
  2. Secondly, you may get more fat out of the fibers increasing the flavor; moreover, the lean ground meat is healthier than the usual one.
  3. Lastly, you will have better results while preparing your dish if you use an electric meat grinder for deer. It’s because ground meat is easier to process than hard or solid pieces.

Which Meat Grinder Will Be Good for Venison Meat: a List of Them

You may think of what size meat grinder for deer is good & which brands are prominent in producing those; let’s find out the companies & models:

  • Cabela’s Heavy Duty Meat Grinder (Best for home or personal usage) (Compact)
  • Gourmia GMG-525 Meat Grinder, the most versatile one (Compact)
  • LEM Products Stainless Steel Big Bite (the large-sized LEM meat grinder is perfect for occasional & professional purposes).
  • Kitchener #8 is one of the best meat grinders for professional uses, especially in processing venison; it’s a meat grinder for hunters.
  • STX International Turbo Force-2 is the most durable & high-quality meat grinder & eligible for grinding deer.

These are the top models for grinding venison meat, but you can have other brands too; please remember that the model should support your dishes. Anyway, you can have food processors as well to grind deer, but it won’t deliver the desired result as a grinder because it’s not specialized to prepare meat.

What Qualities Will You Look for While Buying a Venison Meat Grinder?

You may look for some things while picking a meat grinder for deer, or you will check their features while checking online; the things are:

  1. First of all, you should look for the size, and power system; for instance, grinders come in 3-different sizes: small, compact, & large. You must choose the size according to your need; moreover, you must check the power system too.

It’s better to buy the electric one instead of a battery-run or manual because they perform better & are relatively safe; the choice is still yours.

  1. The structure & features should be another thing you should look for; you must look for versatility because the more functions it has the more dishes you can prepare there.
  2. Thirdly, you should check the blades & plates because the meat sizes depend much on the machine’s structure & operating systems; therefore, watching them is necessary.
  3. What additional attachments can you use with the meat grinder is another question that may come to your mind; you have to choose the items that support more attachments.

You can check the price besides the qualities & features because all of you have a definite budget that you don’t want to exceed.

What Are Some Tips to Grind Venison Meat at a Grinder?

Suppose you have chosen the correct meat grinder for deer, but it’s essential to follow some tips to grind deer:

  • Please make the meat & grinder’s parts cool before grinding them; however, it’s good for having the desired result.
  • Cut the meats in cubic shapes, and clean them to prevent contamination; therefore, you must protect the flavor.
  • You can add some fat to bring the perfect taste & texture to your ground meat; moreover, you can grind it twice to have a fine texture.


No matter what grinder you have chosen, it should compatible with the venison meat, and knowing what size meat grinder for deer may help. Anyway, you can choose other domestic or wild animals to have ground meat & related dishes; you must make sure that the lean meat is healthy.

However, get your meat grinder with necessary functions, which is user-friendly; it should be from a renowned brand, and you must take care of the size according to your uses.

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