What Snacks to Lay Out for a Party

Parties are supposed to be fun and exciting, but in the end, they're more like a test for the hosts.  If you fail this test, your guests will never want to attend another gathering you throw, but if you succeed, then partygoers will talk about your party for years to come.

Good snacks are vital to the success of a good party.  Here are the top things any host should have to keep their guests happy!

Something Customizable

The average holiday or birthday party has at least forty people attending.  That's forty unique senses of taste, which is far too many to have to cater to.  Instead, consider offering food that allows your guests some freedom.  This snack could mean something like a build-your-own mini pizza spread, or you could offer an ice cream or dessert bar where guests can mix and match until they make a treat bespoke to them.  Even if it's not an unfamiliar or highly fancy base item, the ability to customize and create a unique snack bumps the food up a couple of levels.

Reinvent The Veggie Tray

More people eat vegan or vegetarian diets now than ever before.  Unfortunately, for many of them, there isn't much at a party that excites them.  Consider taking a classic like veggie or fruit tray and bumping them up a notch into something thrilling.

For fruit trays, you can gather unique and attractive fruits.  Avoid things like the durian, which is extremely smelly, and look instead for fruits that are either sweet or mild smelling.  Label each item so that the guests can pick and choose what they’re willing to try: or can figure out if they have a new favorite!

For vegetable trays, you can do the classic veggies: but go all out with the dips.  Offer vegan and dairy-based dips, and label each so that people know which is which.  You can also offer something spicy along with something sweet to keep people on their toes.

Something New And Exciting

Look for foods that most people wouldn't have tried yet.  This idea could mean crispy bread with tasty bacon jam or trying something else you haven't before.  For summer, some people surprise guests with grilled watermelon.  When grilled, this fruit tastes sweeter and gets a smooth texture that's easy to eat and fun to enjoy.

Try to think of something seasonal or that matches your party's theme while adding a twist that makes it fun or unique.  Ideas for this could be new takes on old holiday favorites or inventing new favorites.

Something With Some Heat

Everyone loves a little spice, but how much heat someone can handle depends on their tastes and experience.  Unless you know that everyone at your party loves spicy food, it's better to offer something that can have a range of heat.  This could look like a flight of hot sauces that range from mild to mouth-searing or presauced hot wings in an array of flavors instead.  People will feel competitive and want to show off what they can handle while enjoying the snacks and mingling with others.

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