What To Do with Food Processor?

You might have one sitting on your cupboard but what you think you can do with it in your kitchen might be limited. In case you need to understand food processors, you can come by a little help. There are ultimately a number of ways you can maximize the use of it while you have one. Don’t allow it to house dusts and spiders doing nothing. It can be your partner in the kitchen. It can aid you in all sorts of cooking or baking that can be going on a lot at home. An expert homemaker can likely make use of any food processor. And mind you, these stuffs are never new. It comes with the equipment way back when you bought it. Maybe, you just didn’t know how it’s supposed to work at its best or you haven’t seen any. Nonetheless, here are some tips.


The most basic kitchen works a food processor can give you is slicing. From onions to garlic and all other spices, to carrots and apples, to cucumbers and cabbages – you can depend on a food processor to take care of the task seamlessly. You can expect an evenly sliced output. You may want it thick or thin. You can have it as you wash. When there are a few things, most people know what a food processor can do, this is one of them. You can always have the size of your slices according to your liking. 


Just in case you are preparing a whip or anything that has something to do with eggs and mayonnaise, your food processor has a mixer for that. Stuff it all in, and choose the right button which says “mix” and you can have it all done in no time. This is the part where you create your sauce, you mix your dressings, or any sort of pastes. Others are even as smart as adding water to fruits or whatever it is you are mixing and you get a puree as a result. This is one thing that is overlooked by food processor owners. Thinking it can do limited things requires thinking one more time.


Now, let’s say you need your ingredients chopped into cubes or something like that, that exact same food processor can definitely work on it. You might want your cheese or lamb or meat diced into pieces and you need not do that using your typical knife and chopping board. Your food processor actually works as food chopper for your convenience. It simply makes preparation of your cooking ingredients easy and without mess. This is just a lovely feature any kitchen person would love. You can consistently do the chopping necessary all inside this magical machine.



Coconut shreds or anything that needs grating is best done with a food processor. Manually rubbing carrots or squash can require time and effort, especially if you are about to prepare meal in volume. Save your precious time for tasting your finished product and serving them to recipients and allow your food processor to take care of the taxing part of grating the ingredients. The grating disc that normally comes with the equipment can take care of the job. The grated output appears in smaller parts but it is not as fine as if it is pulverized.


When you think you only need a pair of your hands to knead dough, you can think again. Your food processor can also do that. Now making bread has been made easier. Who would have thought that you have it there sitting in your cupboard while you sweat around kneading the dough you need for your daily bread? Now that you have learned about it, you surely are glad you have read this far. Yes, your food processor can ultimately do more than 15 tasks. It eases every work you use to manually spend your efforts on just to get your cooking wrapped up. Modern kitchens always have at least one food processor present. In fact, every kitchen of today, whose owner aims to live life as easy as possible, tend to go after a more sophisticated aid to get them through every cooking role.


Crumb up cookies or beat nuts so you can have peanut or cookie crumbles up top your cake or cookies. You need not struggle over manually crumbling it all. A processor can take of the messy task for you. It will be done in just a few minutes. You can even puree coffee seeds or roasted nuts with it. Choose the brand that suits you and it can definitely work on such a role. This will be less mess on top of your kitchen table plus it will be without pounding noise and hassle.

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