Which is The Best Industrial Espresso Machine

If you are running a coffee shop or thinking of opening one then you probably need an espresso machine. However that can be just as hard to find given that there are a lot of choices available online. With so many reviews and opinions it might be too difficult to set your mind on one. However here are some of the Best Industrial Coffee Espresso Machines that you can choose from.

1. La Marzocco Strada AV:

It was the first design to include barista and industry feedback, and it has since grown to match the needs of that audience.

You can choose from four different models, each with a different level of barista control. The most automatic is the Auto Volumetric, which is ideal for high-volume, consistent settings.

The Strada, like most La Marzoccos, has saturated groups rather than the more usual E61 groups. Although more expensive, the saturated group provides superior temperature stability and consequently more consistent shots.

1.3 L per group brewing boiler

8.2 L steam boiler with 2 or 3 groups

Auto Volumetric

2. Victoria Arduino Black Eagle 3-Group:

It has scales incorporated right into the drip tray for programmable gravimetric dosing. This, along with a gentle pre-infusion technique that lessens the need for tamping, results in exceptional consistency from shot to shot. All of the programming, including dosage, boiler temperatures, steam pressure, and hot water temperature, is accessible via a TFT panel above each group.It also provides constant real-time feedback to the barista.

The magnificent Black Eagle now has a lower profile in terms of design, making it easier to communicate with consumers. More ergonomic levers and improved insulation have been added to the steam wands. The back plate is mirror polished, allowing you to view images from underneath without bending over.The most recent model is also greener, in keeping with current trends. Overall, it is one of the best industrial espresso machine I’ve come across.

0.7 L per group brewing boiler

Size of steam boiler: 18 L Groups: 2 or 3

Auto Gravimetric Operation

3. Synesso MVP Hydra 2-Group

2-Group synesso MVP Hydra The MVP Hydra is a great fit for your mid-sized cafe and a great example of innovation. The Hydra is the most recent addition to the wildly popular MVP line Synesso machines are known for their programmability, and the Hydra takes that a step further.

With this model, you can fine-tune your recipe by adjusting the pressure.. Each group functions as its own espresso machine, complete with its own pump and motor, as well as a bypass mechanism that allows you to control the flow rate at each stage of the shot. In your search for the perfect espresso, you end up with nearly infinite variables to experiment with. Handles, rather than knobs, are used on the no-burn steam wands, which is always a good ergonomic choice in a high-volume environment.

1.9 L per group brewing boiler

7.7 litre steam boiler

Volumetric Program Groups: 1, 2, or 3

4. La Spaziale S2 EK Spazio 2-Group

The La Spaziale S2 Spazio 2-Group is the smaller brother of the famous S2, yet it matches the larger version in practically every detail except for the somewhat smaller 5 litre boiler. It’s also comparable in price to the single-group Linea Mini.

The S2 Spazio uses the same copper heat transfer boiler and volume dispensing technology as the S2, although it is slightly smaller. However, it does so at a lesser cost and with a smaller footprint. Even with this compact design, two baristas may easily work side by side thanks to La Spaziale’s innovative addition of extra long steam arms with increased range of motion.

This S2 comes in two versions: volumetric (EK) and semi-automatic (EP). In high-volume applications, the volumetric approach allows for more efficient workflow. Pre-programmed dosing eliminates any guessing from the process. However, if you have trained personnel, the semi-automatic model is an excellent alternative because it gives the barista greater control. And it’s even less expensive than the already great value EK.

5 L steam boiler

2 groups

auto volumetric operation

5. Nuova Simonelli Aurelia Wave Volumetric 2-Group

The characteristic wave shape of its side profile, accented by the C-shaped swoop, is the distinctive style feature. It comes in matte black, pearl white, or glossy red and can be modified to fit your personal taste. The Aurelia is noteworthy for being designed on the same platform as the World Barista Championship’s official espresso machine. As a result, it has access to all of the latest technologies.

The big LCD display controls four adjustable shot volumes for each group. You may also use the display as a timer and configure boiler temperature, on/off time, cleaning operations, hot water temperature, and other smart features. This all comes together in a high-volume shop to provide uniformity throughout the day.The Aurelia Wave includes ergonomic steam levers and cool touch wands, as well as Nuova Simonelli’s distinctive steam power and four-hole tip. Making flawless microfoam has never been easier.

With the newest Wave, you may choose the new Smart Water Technology, which monitors water quality and notifies you of any changes.Water is projected to become a normal component of many brands in an era when the content of water in coffee is becoming increasingly obvious.

Size of steam boiler: 14 L Groups: 2 or 3

Auto Volumetric Operation


Now you know some of the best industrial coffee machines. However you can also try to use a second hand model and then shift to one of these. However all of these are equally good and can be used easily.

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