Why Do You Need a Pair of Non-Slip Kitchen Shoes?

  • If you are part of the food service or restaurant industry, then there is a great possibility that you have constantly asked yourself the question why do you need a pair of non-slip kitchen shoes or the best chef shoes? It is possible that you have already asked yourself whether your regular shoes will cut it.
  • The answer is actually no. Your regular shoes won’t be able to give you the kind of security and comfort you need when working in the kitchen. Note that your workplace has a lot of hazards, including dropped foods, spilled liquids, and slippery or greasy kitchen floors.

With that in mind, investing in a good non-slip kitchen shoe is a must.

I. Benefits of Wearing a Good Pair of Non-Slip Kitchen Shoes

The kitchen is one of the most hazardous environments that a food service or restaurant employee is constantly exposed to. It puts you at risk of slipping or falling accidentally. With that said, here are some of the specific benefits and reasons why wearing a non-slip kitchen shoe is a must:

1.  Prevents Physical Repercussions​

​If you are still wondering why do you need a pair of non-slip kitchen shoes, then take note that the major goal is to prevent putting yourself at risk physically.

​Keep in mind that slip and fall accidents cause bruises, broken bones, concussions and sprains. The fact that every environment comes with its own risk should also motivate you to pick a non-slip shoe specifically designed for use in the kitchen.

​For instance, your workplace environment may be in such a way that you will be at risk of slamming your hand in an upturned knife or hot stovetop in case you stop your accidental fall or slip in the kitchen.

2. Reduces Risk of Slip and Fall Injuries

​By wearing the right shoes with slip-resistant features, you can significantly reduce your risk of slipping on the soap, oil, water, and other slippery hazards. Most of these shoes are also designed to give users utmost comfort, which is really a bonus.

​3. Prevents Mental Stress

​Imagine yourself not being able to work because of an injury when you accidentally slipped in the kitchen. This can result in losing income for a few days while your bills pile up, eventually triggering mental stress.

​Note that slip and fall accidents and injuries often lead to anxiety and depression to the person involved, especially if he can no longer work temporarily because of it. Prevent such accident or injury, and the subsequent mental stress, by protecting yourself with a non-slip kitchen shoe.

4. Ideal for Rugged Kitchen Conditions​

​Unlike regular shoes, a good pair of slip-resistant kitchen shoe is specifically designed for rugged conditions. Most of these shoes are actually made of tough materials.

​Some feature slip-resistant outsoles as well as water-resistant upper made of leather to further improve their stability. This is a good thing if you really want to receive the highest level of protection.

​II. So How Do You Choose the Best Slip-Resistant Kitchen Shoes?

​Now that you are fully aware of the benefits of a good pair of non-slip kitchen shoe, the next step is figuring out how to pick the best one. To help you make the right choice, here are some of the factors that should contribute to your decision:

1. Quality​

​Keep in mind that not all non-slip kitchen shoes are equally made. While there are those that are really well-constructed, there are also others that are poor in terms of quality.

​If you want to invest in a good pair of slip-resistant kitchen shoe, then ensure to check the quality of your options. Look for one, which can offer high-quality and healthy features including breathable uppers made of either synthetic or leather material.

​Other features that show that a pair of shoe is high in quality are removable insoles that work in accommodating custom inserts, heel stabilization to improve stability, and arch support to control pronation. Highly durable outsoles are also crucial as these promote long-lasting wear.

2. Shoe Tread​

​The best non-slip kitchen shoe is one that comes with unique tread patterns usually composed of small triangles, circles or squares. In most cases, these tread patterns are compacted together while still providing adequate spaces in between each one.

​Such spacing is helpful in ensuring that water and any other liquids are siphoned away each time the sole comes in contract with the ground.

​3. Tread Wear

​Eventually, the tread of the shoe will wear out. With that in mind, it is crucial to look for a pair with treads that are in excellent condition. Aside from that, you need to constantly check the condition of the tread once you start using it. Once it wears out, replace the tread right away.

4. Outsole’s Pattern​

​Another factor that can contribute a lot to your decision is the outsole pattern. Check the tread design of the pattern used in the outsole.

​The specific shape is important in this case as it plays a major role in its effectiveness in gripping the floor well when exposed to oily or wet surfaces. The shape in the outsole pattern is capable of creating a tunnel where the liquid is dispersed. Such is a huge help in producing a non-slip effect.

While each shape is capable of providing slip resistance, take note that the outsole’s flat edge that comes with triangles, squares or hexagons is often capable of producing a wall. Such wall prevents the liquid from getting away from the sole.​

In this case, it is advisable to go for a kitchen shoe with an outsole, which features a circle grip. This shape works like a moving pad. It ensures that more rubber hits the floor, providing more grip, and guarantees that water disperses quickly each time you step on an oily or wet surface.

Better traction can also be expected from an outsole, which also features small cuts or snipes, dividing the shape of the tread into 3-4 movable parts.​

5. Comfort

The slip-resistant shoe should also be capable of providing the kind of comfort that you expect to enjoy from this type of footwear. Aside from being non-slip, the shoe should also be comfortable enough as you will most likely spend hours and miles in the kitchen.​

That said, look for a shoe with the right amount of cushion, particularly in the midsole. It should be flexible on the forefoot while also boosting of a beveled heel as both can enhance your stride.

6. Support and Fit​

​The shoe should also fit you perfectly. Furthermore, it should offer the kind of support you need. A wise tip is to go for a shoe with a cushioned footbed as this provides a raised arch support capable of providing you with all-day comfort.

​III. Conclusion

​You might not realize it right away but the best pair of slip-resistant shoes is crucial if you are working in the kitchen. If you want to know why do you need to wear a pair of non-slip kitchen shoes, then keep in mind that it is more on your safety and comfort.

​Remember that you will be constantly on your feet. There are even times when you need to work in the kitchen for more than twelve hours a day. That said, it is necessary to look for the right footwear to keep you safe and comfortable.

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