Why Kratom Quality Matters

What Is Kratom?

The Kratom tree is actually part of the coffee family. It is native to and naturally grows in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea. Traditionally the locals harvested the leaves to use for medicinal purposes. They would chew the leaves like gum or brew them in tea or add them to certain dishes. However, since its discovery by western nations the most common form is ground and packaged into pills. The only way to get leaves is to travel to one of these countries. 

 Dosages matter when taking Kratom. In low does Kratom can be energizing and give the user a larger sense of being and energy. In contrast at higher doses, Kratom can put you in a dream-like state and make you sleepier. Kratom quality matters because these effects are necessary to show that the herb is working. Pills that are old or tasteless do not affect and won’t provide the necessary benefits.

 When you take pure and fresh Kratom the active substance attaches itself to the nerve endings, in the same way, those opioid painkillers and creates a similar effect in the brain. For this reason, Kratom has shown positive benefits for withdrawing symptoms, chronic pain, depression, and anxiety.

How Do You Know If It Is Quality?

If you have recently purchased some Kratom and are wondering if it is real Kratom there are a few key points to consider helping you figure it out. Not all Kratom being sold on the market is real. It is unfortunate but it is the reality of life that there are scammers in the world looking to make a quick buck. However, using these quick and smart techniques you can be a bit more selective. 

 First, if you feel a different effect at low and high doses then it is real. Remember that the different level of doses causes different effects in the body. This means that the real deal will make you feel differently depending on the dosage level.

  • Second, if the pills are tasteless then it isn’t a quality product. Pure and fresh Kratom is very bitter. The fresher it is the more bitter it will be. So, if you are taking Kratom in powder form that doesn’t taste like anything you may want to switch providers.
  • Third, the Kratom should be sourced from one of the listed countries at the start of this article. The distributor should be advertising this fact as different strains of Kratom grown in different countries have different beneficial uses.
  • Fourth, the distributor should have a purity report from an independent lab. This should be easily obtained from the distributor’s website. If it isn’t then you have a problem. There is no reason why a distributor wouldn’t have an independent report.

Where Can You Get Fresh Kratom?

When you are looking for the best product? Because, you understand that Kratom quality matters then you should be looking for online distributors. What you buy in a smoke shop or a gas station is most likely fake and worthless. Unfortunately, it is incredibly difficult and basically impossible to buy Kratom locally. The only viable and easily verifiable sources are via the Internet.

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