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2 Important Factors To Consider When Buying a Commercial Dishwasher

There are two important questions that you need to answer when looking for a commercial dishwasher and they are as follows:

  1. What cleaning mechanism do I want for a commercial dishwasher?
  2. What commercial dishwasher design do I want?

Having an answer to both questions will simplify your search for the best commercial dishwasher for your business. Read on to get to know more about the importance and particularities of both questions. To help you, this article will discuss the following:

  • Two kinds of cleaning mechanisms for commercial dishwashers
  • The pros and cons of each cleaning mechanism
  • The different designs of commercial dishwashers

After reading this article, you’d be able to:

  • Confidently choose the best kind of cleaning mechanism that you need for your business
  • Confidently choose the kind of commercial dishwasher design for your business

Cleaning Mechanism: What cleaning mechanism do I want for a commercial dishwasher?

Commercial dishwashers come in two kinds of cleaning mechanisms: high-temperature cleaning mechanism and low-temperature cleaning mechanism. The two differ when it comes to sanitation. High-temperature commercial dishwashers use hot water to kill bacteria and effectively sanitize dishes. Low-temperature commercial dishwashers utilize chemicals to sanitize.

1st Factor: Commercial Dishwashers with High-Temperature Cleaning Mechanism

Restaurants and businesses in the dining and food industry prefer high-temperature commercial dishwashers for cookware sanitation. High-temperature commercial dishwashers don’t damage and discolor dishes and cookware because no chemicals are used for sanitation. It solely relies on hot water at 180 F. Since no chemical of any kind is used, restaurant owners and food establishment owners can be sure that no chemical residues are left in their dishes after sanitation. Dishes washed in high-temperature commercial dishwashers also dry quicker.


  • Expensive upfront cost
  • Needs a booster
  • Dries quickly
  • Superb sterilization
  • No chemicals needed
  • Need of a 208 V power outlet

2nd Factor: Commercial Dishwashers with Low-Temperature Cleaning Mechanism

You need chemicals to make low-temperature commercial dishwashers work. You will need iodine or chlorine and ammonium to ensure that your dishes are clean. Because low-temperature commercial dishwashers use chemicals, prolonged use can affect the quality of your dishes and cookware. Chemical sanitation can cause discoloration and corrosion.

Food establishments that serve sensitive and delicate menu items don’t prefer low-temperature commercial dishwashers because chemicals used for sanitation can easily affect flavors. Bartenders prefer high-temperature commercial dishwashers because they avoid the risk of flavor alteration in mixed drinks. Low-temperature commercial dishwashers are mainly availed by business owners with a limited budget.


  • Affordable
  • Needs less electricity
  • Can damage dishes
  • Can discolor dishes
  • Can leave a chemical aftertaste in dishes

Design: What commercial dishwasher design do I want?

There are mainly three different types of commercial dishwashers and they are as follows: door-style, undercounter, and conveyor. All three types have both low and high-temperature versions.

  1. Undercounter Commercial Dishwashers

Capacity: 20 – 30 racks / hr

Most commercial dishwashers for sale in the market have this style. It is space-savvy and perfect for bars, startups, and smaller cafeterias. It is the smallest of the three kinds. As its name goes, its compact design can be easily placed under the counter. It can clean a variety of dishes in a speedy manner. Undercounter commercial dishwashers are perfect for business owners with:

  • Varied dishware
  • Limited space
  • And busy peak hours
  • Limited budget
  • Need for a commercial dishwasher that can clean 20 – 30 racks in an hour
  1. Door-type Commercial Dishwashers or Single Rack Dishwashers

Capacity: 35 – 60 racks / hr

Single rack dishwashers or door-type dishwashers are bigger than undercounter commercial dishwashers. They are also bigger in size and take up much vertical space. They can’t be placed under counters. What’s good with this type is they can easily be positioned on any part of the kitchen. Almost all restaurants have door-type commercial dishwashers. They are also significantly easier to set up and install. Door-type commercial dishwashers are perfect for business owners with:

  • Additional budget
  • Need for a commercial dishwasher that can sanitize large pots and oven pans
  • An active workflow set-up that only needs improvement
  • Need for a commercial dishwasher with a smaller footprint
  • Need for a commercial dishwasher that can clean 35 – 60 racks per hour
  1. Conveyor Dishwasher

Capacity: 150 – 200 racks / hr

Establishments with large demand like hotels, banquet halls, prisons, and hospitals use massive conveyor commercial dishwashers. They are heavy-duty machines that can speedily sanitize big batches of dishes in a whip. They are mostly available in high-temperature versions but there are brands that offer hybrid types that allow for chemical sanitation. If you run a big business that serves numerous people day in and day out, a conveyor dishwasher is best for you. Conveyor commercial dishwashers are perfect for business owners with:

  • Need for heavy-duty cleaning
  • Big kitchen space
  • Need for speedy sanitation in high volumes
  • Preference for solid high-temperature cleaning
  • Preference for versatile sanitation options
  • No issue when it comes to having a large footprint.
  1. Ask Yourself

So, what kind of commercial dishwasher do you need? If you prefer a non-chemical way of sanitation and you’re free to explore other budget options, you should opt for a high-temperature commercial dishwasher in any of its three types. But if you need to save, a low-temperature commercial dishwasher that cleans with chemicals can very easily match your needs as well.

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