5 Best Commercial Bar Upgrades

Given the impact covid-19 has had on the hospitality industry, it would be no surprise if bar owners are thinking of upgrading. Whether it’s a simple painting and decorating job or installing new equipment, there are many ways you can give your customers a fresh start in 2021.

What are the best commercial bar upgrades, and how are current and future trends in drinks and bar design going to affect the way bars look and feel in the next few years? We’ve come up with five upgrades you can look at, most of which are simple and inexpensive, yet they’ll give your bar a new look that even the regulars will appreciate. Let’s get started.

New Seating areas

Is your seating looking a bit tired? You can get cushioned seats re-upholstered at reasonable prices, and what about your stools? Maybe a new set of bar stools and some for the tables would give your bar a lift? There are some great designs around, including a mix of traditional and modern, so you can choose what sort of look you want. Your customers will appreciate it, it will look great, and you’ll find it’s a cost-effective way of getting a fresh style.

Fresh Bar Top

How old is your bar top? What design is it, and is it really what you want? The likelihood remains that it was in place when you took on the bar, so you just stuck with it. The thing is, changing the bar top isn’t a difficult job. A competent carpentry firm will be able to handle it, or you might have a local shop outfitter who will do the job for you.

Why not consider a total change and go for marble instead of wood? Or what about a colored bar top for a fresh and funky look? It’s up to you, but new is always good, so this should be one for your shortlist.

Back Bar Coolers

Are your back bar coolers looking a bit worse for wear? Or perhaps you use standard fridges and need upgrading? There are some superb designs in this market that can add a lot to a bar in terms of looks and how it feels, especially those that make use of modern materials, glass, and mirrors to enhance the colors of the products within. The link takes you to a renowned supplier of the latest models who will be more than happy to advise on the new bar back coolers at sensible prices, so check it out now.

New Décor

There are some great bar design ideas around if you’re looking for inspiration for a complete change. What about adding a theme to your bar? Themes are all the rage these days, and we don’t just mean sports bars! Think movies and TV, characters and stories, and design your bar around a popular one. Or just make it a color theme for a simpler idea. There’s a lot to look at, so get searching!

Revamp Your Stock

What will be the next drinks craze to sweep the nation? Craft ale and gin have been recent examples of the industry pushing a particular group of items so ask around and see what those in the know have to say. You might want to start stocking a range of brandy’s or tequila’s, for example and make that a theme of your special nights. Or you may simply want to change your regular stock. Ask your customers what they want and take it from there!

That’s our collection of simple bar revamp ideas, so take inspiration from us and enjoy your fresh new look.

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