7 Best Reasons To Try A Cake In A Jar 

If we have to choose the biggest dessert trend in the past decade, it’s got to be the cake in the jar. Cake has never looked sweeter and more delectable ever since someone decided to put it in dainty glass jars — all gorgeous layers in full display. It’s hard to pinpoint who started this trend and where, but the earliest commercial selling of these mini desserts dates back to 2011. 

A Hauntingly Sweet History 

Its history traces well before 2011, though. It is believed that the concept of jar cakes was derived from steamed cakes that were prevalent during the First and Second World Wars.  

At the time, families of soldiers deployed overseas sent them fruit cakes in small jars and tin cans. Overseas postage could take weeks or even months, so this was the only kind of packaging that could keep baked items from spoiling and breaking while in transit. These cakes were lovingly called ‘soldier cakes.’ 

Many decades later, the preservation technique used for soldier cakes re-emerged with a modern twist. Jar cakes have transitioned from simple steamed fruit cakes to gourmet creations. Almost every kind of cake known to man can be made into single-size versions, and the room for creativity is limitless. 

Soul Sweet Boutique is a gourmet bakery that offers specialty cakes in adorable mason jars. Their jar cakes are made from handmade chocolate fudge, cream, and fruit jellies. Just like soldier cakes, their creations are rooted in history. Most of the luxurious desserts on their menu are inspired by traditional confections from Brazil. 

Giving Jar Cakes A Chance 

If you’re still skeptical about eating cake from a kitchen container, that’s totally understandable. After all, centuries-old traditions taught us that cakes should be laid flat, cut into perfect slices, and served on plates. Let the following reasons convince you that cake jars are worthy desserts to sink your teeth into, literally and figuratively.  


  • They’re Practical 


You can think of jar cakes as dessert samplers. If you want some black forest or red velvet but don’t want to buy a whole cake, jar cakes are the way to go. They’re not as expensive since they come in small servings, so you can get multiple flavors at a time. 

Jar cakes are also easier to make since they don’t require baking. You might think that the term ‘jar cake’ means baking the cake inside the jar, but that’s not actually the case. Most of these cakes are simply assembled. Pre-made cakes are either cut or crumbled, then layered with other ingredients inside the jar. It’s actually dangerous to use mason jars for oven baking because they’re not tempered for high heat and could suddenly break. 


  • You Can Eat Them Wherever, Whenever 


The nice thing about these small jars is that they make yummy desserts portable. You can stash it in your purse or backpack and have it on-the-go, and it won’t look weird even in public. That’s definitely something you can’t do with a traditional cake.  

It’s also a convenient solution for when you have sudden cravings or when unexpected guests come over. Keeping some jar cakes in-stock can save you a lot of time and energy in urgent situations. 


  • They’re Perfect For Any Setting 


Whether you eat it solo or in a group, it’s guaranteed to be an enjoyable experience for everyone. Imagine getting together with family or friends, each one holding a jar of their favorite cake flavor or just sitting alone in front of the TV after a long day at work, dessert in hand.  

Jar cakes are very versatile and could fit well in any setting. You can serve it in formal events and casual gatherings alike — from wedding showers and graduations to birthday parties and camping trips. 


  • They Have A Long Shelf Life 


Food items last longer when kept in airtight and waterproof containers. Most jar cakes can last up to a week. Of course, it would still depend on the ingredients used and how properly the jars were sterilized. This estimate can even stretch longer if the cake is stored in the fridge, although jar cakes generally don’t require refrigeration. 

If you can fight the urge to finish it in one sitting and actually manage to make it last for several days, your sacrifice will be worth it. Cake tends to become richer and moister over time due to the low humidity that forms inside the sealed jar. 


  • They’re Always Intact 


No matter how tasty a dessert is, it loses some of its appeals if it gets all mushy before you can even take a bite. Fortunately, jars can keep the cake from breaking and crumbling. You can stay worry-free even if you have to travel long distances with jar cakes in your stash. You can bring it literally anywhere, and it will still look as mouth-watering as when you first got it. 


  • Glass Jars Are Eco-Friendly 


Apart from being aesthetically-pleasing, glass jars can be re-used once you’ve finished your cake. You can keep them for a long time since they’re very sturdy and don’t deteriorate easily. 

Even when you break it, glass is made from natural materials, so it’s 100% recyclable. It can be recycled infinite times to make new glass without ever losing its quality, unlike paper or plastic. Therefore, it’s the most environment-friendly among all the available cake containers out there. 


  • Jar Cakes Are Just So Pretty 


Have you ever looked at a beautiful cake and thought that it would be a sin to just eat it? Jar cakes have taken the visual appeal game several notches higher with a gorgeous cake and frosting combinations. Creative bakers put a lot of effort into layering and playing with texture. It’s quite literally an edible work of art. 

Even the jar itself can be decorated with intricate designs. If you want to give it as a gift, you can personalize it to better suit the recipient’s tastes. 

Jar cakes are extremely popular for a good reason, and it’s high time that you find out what the hype is all about. Who knows, it might just be your new favorite dessert experience. 

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