Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Favourite Health-Conscious Friend

Everyone has at least one eco-minded, health-conscious friend, and shopping for this person often feels nearly impossible. They don’t eat or wear animal products; they don’t like anything that isn’t naturally sourced and will refuse anything that isn’t sustainable. While you admire their dedication to helping the environment and staying healthy, when their birthday comes around, you’re scrambling to locate the perfect gift.

Well, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to find a list of excellent birthday gift ideas that your environmentally-mindful friend will love.

Vegan Treats

Just because someone prefers to stay on the healthy side of things doesn’t mean they shouldn’t treat themselves— particularly on their birthday. These days you can find some incredibly delicious plant-based goodies. For example, does your friend love to snack on candies? How about giving them some naturally sweetened gummies to enjoy on their big day. Look for a brand that isn’t only plant-based and naturally sweetened but one that also offers zero-waste packaging. That way, your pal can indulge in some yummy gummies and do so entirely guilt-free!

Handmade Bath and Skin Products

Many commercial bath and skincare brands provide products full of chemicals and other harmful ingredients. Not to mention that most of them test on animals. Why not visit your local craft shop and look for some local homemade products for your friend?

Does your pal practice self-care by taking bubble baths or applying soothing cream on their skin, and they’re also interested in holistic lifestyle choices? In that case, they’d love to know more about natural bath and skincare options, especially if they’re locally owned. Check out your local businesses or visit online platforms such as Etsy to discover the magic of homemade products.

Locally Sourced Honey

Did you know that raw, local honey has anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial properties and promotes digestive health? Raw honey also contains blends of local pollen, increasing a person’s immune system and reducing symptoms of pollen allergies and even asthma. Furthermore, by buying from local farmers, you’re supporting healthy local businesses in your area.

A Gift Certificate to the Favourite Local Restaurant

There was a time when vegetarian, plant-based, and organic cooking would conjure stereotypes of dried granola or green smoothies made out of lettuce and seaweed. And while there’s nothing wrong with those types of food, plant-based cooking has come a long way since those days. You can find almost anything plant-based, from burgers to “chicken” wings to gravy.

Most cities everywhere have at least one go-to organic or plant-based spot to dine in, or at the very least, there are more vegetarian options to try in already-established restaurants. Do a little research and the right spot for your pal and get them a gift certificate to enjoy a delicious, healthy meal. They’ll appreciate the gesture and remember the experience for a long time to come.

There are so many healthy options to choose from today. This year, consider these gift ideas to make your friend’s birthday the best one yet.

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