Getting the Most Out of a Small Kitchen – 5 Practical Tips

A kitchen has to be one of the most important spaces in your home. When it comes to small apartments and homes such as some of these Savannah apartments, efficient and convenience-dedicated kitchen space is what we all dream of. It should be highly capable of maximizing storage, with adaptable kitchen components and moderate space to cater to all your needs.

The feeling of being claustrophobic should be rightly minimized through adequate planning, carefully mapped design solutions, and a proper layout for all kitchen appliances. To make the best of your small-spaced kitchen, you can renovate and refurbish your kitchen with some simple tricks and tips that can aid in utilizing and rehabilitating your confined spaces. Additionally, there are some innovative ideas discussed below that can make you rethink the space allocation in your compact kitchen.

Tips to make the most out of a small kitchen

  1. Add vertical storage shelves –

For an instant upgraded version of your kitchen, you have to “Think vertically”. This means that for the ideal optimization of your less space, you have to prioritize the unused vertical spaces in your kitchen. By installing vertical storage shelves, you can use the area till your ceiling, or for the purpose of storing different kinds of stockpiles.

To double up your space or to make it more efficient, you ought to have a system that maximizes your vertical storage. You have to build up this storage in an upward direction Another hack is to install a vertical pullout cabinet, which can be used for keeping oils, herbs, condiments, and can be positioned near the cooktop.

This vertical closet can accommodate tons of different items related to cooking and can come in handy in moments of a rush. According to the available space in your kitchen, this vertical storage shelf can have swing-out shelves that can be pulled out in times of need.

Some more hacks include hanging a Pegboard, hanging floating shelves, installing hooks for the purpose of hanging pots and pans; thereby creating an organized visual appeal. Similarly, you can customize vertical shelves for keeping platters and plates and can use the vertical wall space for creating vertical racks or cabinetry.

  1. Prefer smaller kitchen appliances –

For a visually appealing countertop, you should opt-in buying smaller kitchen items that can be easily stored in your kitchen. Going for bulky or excessively large kitchen appliances can create trouble such as space issues, radiating off the idea of being overly populated with appliances. The visual perception should not look dense or out of proportion.

You should not assume that big is better, investing in compact yet highly efficient kitchen appliances is possible with proper research and planning. All it takes is a smart solution that can be decided over to match your needs. Opting for smaller appliances doesn’t mean that you should go for cheap appliances. Innumerable High-quality appliances are now available in all sizes. This applies to countertop ovens, coffee machines, multicookers and even under sink garbage disposals units.

Choosing the right one for your kitchen is not a tedious task anymore. Smaller appliances can also be stuffed away in cabinets leaving the countertop clutter-free thereby giving a visual perception of an open-spaced kitchen

  1. Get a workstation sink-

Workstation sinks are an absolute must if you want to have a clean and an organized kitchen, their importance is vital for keeping away those dirty dishes, thereby allowing convenience to throw food waste down the sink. You have to rethink the idea of your sink and inculcate an under-mount sink which helps in saving countertop space.

This sink comes with a flat draining area which in turn can be used as a secondary 2nd space allocation. As a commodity, space needs to be valued; hence opting for workstation sinks can also be used with a cover block. This cover block can be fitted over the sink bowl flush with the countertop height which in turn doubles up your space and allows you to clean up easily. In essence, kitchen sinks with cutting boards are a clever way to add some extra space to your kitchen countertop.

  1. Organized under sink storage cabinet –

The sole purpose of working in your kitchen with ease is to prioritize storage. Storage can create a great amount of ruckus in a kitchen. To avoid it, you can shift to utilizing the under-sink area in your kitchens. This is a highly preferred area to store in boxes of trash bags, dishwasher liquids, dishwasher soaps, towels, gloves, or any unused items apart from the garbage.

It is advisable to stop piling up garbage in this area since it has the capacity to hold most of your kitchen-friendly items. Proper garbage disposal could be allocated elsewhere. Here are some neat under sink cabinet storage ideas that you can take inspiration from.

  1. Mirrored Backsplash and Reflective Surfaces –

Installing a mirrored backsplash and reflective surfaces aid in building up visual appeals and can help in opening up space. They can also be used to reflect and bounce light around. You can exchange traditional tiled backsplashes and reflective surfaces with mirrors and other reflective surfaces.

Reflective surfaces provide you with an illusion that can be used in small kitchens to make them seem large. By doing this you can make your kitchen appear bigger. This is a highly useful tip for your small-spaced kitchen. It is known as a statement trend for many years and has been used various times for an upgraded visual treat.

Summing up

These were some of the hacks and tips that can make your kitchen seem bigger and better. Aimed with good interior designing solutions and backed up by proper research, you can refresh the overall appeal of your kitchen by inculcating these basic tips and tricks.

To make the best out of your compact kitchen, add in all these tips and try it for yourself. Your kitchen needs to be visually good and should be able to give off a good vibe. All in all, designing your small kitchen can take proper methodical planning with not much trouble. In essence, you should know the importance of such unique ways to incorporate the basic requirements of your small-spaced kitchen.


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