How to Create More Storage Space in Your Kitchen

From electric cookers to refrigerators, dishwashers, and sometimes even laundry machines, the kitchen is easily the room with the highest number of gadgets in every home. It gets worse if you’re stuck with a small kitchen, which means you have little storage space and lots of kitchen items just floating around with nowhere to put them.

Families love to hang out in the kitchen to cook, eat and even have family time, so it’s normal to want to create more storage space in the kitchen so that the layout is more practical and efficient, making the room conducive for everyone. Here are a few tips to help you create more space in the kitchen.

1. Buy Lots of Space Saving Containers

Several food containers at grocery stores take up space when they’re brought home and stored in the kitchen. Most cereals, for instance, are stored in an unnecessarily large paper box. The same goes for chips that come in air-filled bags. A solution for this is to buy some airtight containers that are easy to stack against each other. To save space, empty foods that come in large bags and boxes into these containers. Food stored this way also has a great aesthetic feel to it.

2. Build More Kitchen Cabinets

According to a team of custom cabinet builders at Boyars Kitchen Cabinets, “Life happens in the kitchen.” The kitchen is expected to accommodate so many items that you just can never have too many cabinets. Look around; there might be space in your kitchen for more kitchen cabinets. Popular spots to install new cabinets include above your cooker, sink, or refrigerator. If you look around your kitchen and think your kitchen cabinets could be rebuilt in a way that’s more efficient and creates space, then you should call a professional and get their opinion on getting new cabinets.

If building new cabinets is above your budget, you can buy some movable cases and cabinets and just slide them into the spaces available for cabinets. This can also be done with the spaces hanging above your sinks, microwave, etc.

3. Get Some Baskets for Small Items

There will always be certain small food items in the kitchen that won’t look better anywhere else except in a basket. Little packs of chocolate, granola bars, spices, and salts are some such items. Any items that look so small that they may get lost when stored on their own should be stored in a basket instead. This makes them easier to find and makes the kitchen cabinets look neater.

Small items you use daily can also be stored in these baskets and kept at eye level where they’re easily reachable. Items that are used sparingly can be stored at the higher-to-reach shelves and kitchen cabinets, while everyday items are stored in easy-to-reach baskets. This way, the kitchen is kept neat at all times.

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4. Install More Drawers

Sometimes you may not have sufficient space to install more kitchen cabinets, but there’ll be space for more slide-out drawers. Slide-out drawers save you a lot of energy that would have been spent stretching, reaching, arranging, and rearranging shelves. This is because you can easily just slide them out and pick what you want, even when they’re stored far back.

5. Try Some Wire Rack Shelving

Wire racks are becoming an increasingly popular way to create space all over the house. However, unlike cabinets, they’re a temporary fix. People use them in closets, bathrooms, laundry rooms, pantries, and even kitchens. If you have some kitchen space and do not want to go as far as installing new cabinets, wire racks may be an option. You can install these without any power tools or contractors, and they would not cost anywhere as much as installing new cabinets. Some pros of wire racks include the fact that they are: easy to install, budget-friendly, low maintenance, ideal for organizing the kitchen, and versatile. These types of racks can accommodate drawers and baskets and creates a well-organized kitchen.

6. Always Put Things Back in Their Place

No matter how small, Kitchens would always look more spacious when organized. So, if you have a new place and you’re wondering how to make your kitchen great after moving in, the first tip would be to put things in their place. Avoid leaving things just lying around on the counter. If you want a spacious kitchen, you can’t afford to be lazy about organizing. Label all drawers, shelves, and containers so that even when you’re not in the kitchen, others will know exactly where everything goes. Try doing the same with every part of the kitchen, including the fridge and pantry.

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