How to Stick to Your Diet While Enjoying Some Cocktails

Summer’s in full swing, and with it comes the fun of late hot nights with icy spiked drinks.  Unfortunately, keeping our hard-earned summer bods can be harder when we’re drinking.  The average cocktail can range from a rum and coke at 180 calories to a white Russian at 425 calories.  Packing in drink after drink can have the same caloric body count of eating fast food- but that lousy scenario doesn’t have to be the case!

Here are some simple ideas to help anyone stick to a diet, while also letting you enjoy a cocktail.

Change Your Diet The Rest of The Day

This option doesn’t cut away the calorie from your cocktails- but it helps make sure they don’t hit as hard.  Plan your drinking day’s diet around your plans for the evening by working to stay low calorie.  Eat a lot of leafy greens, have a slice of a frittata for breakfast instead of something heartier.

This plan will help balance out drinking at night, and it will also help the alcohol hit your system faster so you may want to drink less.  Another great perk is all of the water in your diet from vegetables, and fresh fruit will help fight against any hangover you might get.

Make Your Drinks

Not only will making your drinks save money, but it will also give you control over how many calories you put into every glass.  Go to a beer store Savannah GA to San Jose, CA, and you’ll find alcohol that will let you make any drink you like.

Add Extra Workouts The Day Of

The main point of a proper diet is to take care of your body.  If you can’t healthily reduce your calorie count, consider adding to your workout. Specific exercises can take more calories off and can help you feel better about those drinks.  Rowing can burn 210-300 calories in thirty minutes, which could easily cover a drink or two.  Who knows, maybe these added workouts will become a more common occurrence, and you’ll benefit from them in the long term!

Change What You Drink

Instead of drinking multiple mixed drinks, if you want to feel that buzz but don’t want the calorie, consider other ways to consume it.  A twelve-ounce can of White Claw has 100 calories in it and is only 3.7% alcohol.  If you add half a shot of vodka to a twelve-ounce bottle of flavored sparkling water, you’ll have half of the calories- plus your drink will be 4% alcohol, so it’ll be slightly more alcoholic than White Claw. 

You could also take shots of alcohol spaced out with time to let yourself feel tips without having to down full drinks of sugar and soda.  

After you’re done drinking, take steps to make sure your body stays healthy for the next day!  Drink plenty of plain water and try to go easy on yourself.  If you’re smart about it and listen to your body, there’s no reason an occasional drinking night could hurt your progress.

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