Kitchen Interior Design Trends In 2023

A kitchen is one of those areas of the house that are utilized to plan a day or relax after a tiring day’s work. May it be bonding over cooking or talking about how you spent your day, a kitchen is where food and memories are created. The interior design of this area should be such that it looks inviting, soothing and modern. Whether you are looking for the latest trends to design your new kitchen or taking up a kitchen remodelling project to turn it into a more functional as well as appealing space, here are some trending elements that you can include while doing your kitchen interior design.

1. Wallpaper is making a re-entry

The classic flowery wallpapers are making a return in kitchen interiors. In addition to the traditional wallpapers that require professionals for installation, today’s wallpapers are available in a wide variety which are easy to install and peel off when you need a change. These are affordable as well. So you don’t have to worry about their durability. While floral designs render a traditional look to the space, graphic designs offer a wider palette to let you choose a color scheme for your cooking area. Don’t forget the color and design of the kitchen tiles while finalizing the wallpaper so that everything comes along nicely.

2. Earthy wooden countertops for an organic ambiance

The wooden print is coming back. This time, not through the floor but through the countertop designs. Black and green granites and bold stone patterns can be a convenient choice for the kitchen but it is not trendier. Rich wooden prints are the new kitchen countertop design trend. Dark or light, these are available in a huge range of colors to simplify the selection process for homeowners. Earthy muted tones are much more favored than before. The freedom to choose from unlimited backdrop colors and designs is an added advantage of having a wooden countertop. One can opt for bold dramatic colors with light natural wood patterns for a warmer look or muted neutral colors to tone down the space and get a more organic vibe.

3. Designer chimney hoods for a refined look

A kitchen hood or a chimney is one of the first things that get noticed as you enter a kitchen. This is probably the reason why most homeowners opt for designer mirror finish kitchen hoods. The interior designers of today vote for a statement kitchen hood that seamlessly blends with the interiors of the area. These designs use the same material or color scheme as used for the hanging kitchen cabinets to blend well. These are a creative way to conceal as well as highlight the kitchen hood in your own unique way. Classic hanging lamps can also be incorporated into this design for a rustic look.

4. Open concept kitchens with integrated functional areas

An open-concept kitchen is becoming a more popular choice among homeowners. With homes shrinking and needs expanding, many homeowners are asking for a more functional kitchen with areas such as a dining area, a pantry, a mudroom and a garden area included or connected. A small dining area as per the requirement of the family can be easily incorporated into an open kitchen. Adding a pantry will provide a lot of extra storage space. A mudroom is a small space where one can remove messy shoes and wet overcoats before entering. To maintain kitchen hygiene, a mudroom can be a great addition. The open kitchen lets the owners and the designers plan the area as per their individual requirements and also makes the area appear larger.

5. Smarter concealed storage spaces to replace upper cabinets

For a clutter-free look, the upper cabinets of the kitchen can be eliminated. Instead, smarter concealed storage spaces can be created. Utilizing the under-counter storage space in a better way, using the kitchen island cabinet for storing less used appliances and built-in gadget spaces are some ways to generate more space.

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