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Planning To Buy An Induction Cooktop? Check Out Our Ultimate Guide To Buy The Best Induction Cooktop In India

With the advancement in technology, there is a lot of development in gadgets and devices. At the beginning of the cooking era, humans used to cook on rocks and sticks, slowly kerosine stoves took place and then, the gas stoves had replaced them. But in the present times, Induction cooktops have a high demand. Though every person doesn’t prefer these cooktops, many people are buying them for efficient work. The benefits of induction cooktops are as below:

          Induction cooking has a 70% reduction in energy consumption.

          90% of the energy that it produces would be channeled back into the pan itself.

          For people who prefer the kitchen on wheels business, an induction cooktop is a place saving option in their vans and vehicles.

          Induction cooktops are smooth and lightweight, so it is easy to clean these products.

          These cooktops create a cool environment near the cooking place, as the pan observes a lot of heat once after the pan or a pot is placed on the surface of the cooktop.

          Food and pans not only get heated fast but also will cool down quickly.

          The hob in the cooktop will recognise when the pan is placed correctly. This option will prevent the chances of burns and is safe for cooking.

          The power that comes to the induction cooktop is from the electromagnetic field under the glass top. The surface of the cooktop is magnetic so, it lets the pot or the pan settle firmly.


There is a slight difference between the typical glass-top and, induction cooktop is in the induction cooktop, the electromagnetic field can not be observed. Due to this reason, people may not know if the device is on or not.


No other cooking appliences or the gas stove is faster than the induction cooktops. They do not release much heat as the induction surface observes maximum heat. For instance, when a pan is placed on the induction cooktop, the cooktop does not start heating unless the pan gets settled correctly at its place. When the pan gets settled at its right place, it gets heated up automatically and. The maximum heat that is produced at the time of cooking, is consumed by the induction cooktop itself. Once the pan placed down back from the induction cooktop, the heating will stop automatically. As the heat is produced between the pan and the cooktop, the glass surface will not get heated up. Another benefit of the induction cooktop is that if a person turns it on by mistake without placing any pan or a pot on the surface, the cooktop will not get heated up. This tip is the safest way and remedy in the cooking journey.


The induction cooktops give out a sound or a buzz. This sound is very common in any electronic devices. It is just a higher or lower setting that is fixed in the appliance and is not any warning.



It has an auto-off program that helps the food get cooked safely. The delayed cooking feature with a preset timer helps one decide and cook the food at a future time. The surface is cool-to-touch ensuring safety from burns while using the equipment. It also has a cord that comes at a length of 1.2 metres.


Havells is another homegrown Indian brand that is well known for its energy-efficient lighting systems.  The Havells Insta Cook PT is an offering by the Havells brand in the induction cooktop segment containing worktop material made of ceramic. It is ergonomically designed which enables easy cleaning even with food stains and greasy food items. It also has a timer facility for up to 3 hours with an LED display.


Preethi as a brand is well known for its kitchen appliances that are versatile and budget-friendly. The Preethi Trendy Plus 116 has a worktop material made of ceramic plate ensuring the durability of the product itself. The base is also larger to accommodate larger cooking utensils. At 1600 watts the power consumption of the cooktop is also extremely efficient.  The power cord also has a length of 1.28 metre.


Prestige is the go-to brand for all things kitchen be it from their well-known pressure cookers to even simple Tawas. Prestige also has great induction cooktops apart from the traditional gas stoves that they produce.  The Prestige PIC 16.0 is an affordable cooktop in this price segment. It delivers efficient cooking with a simple design. The fans help in aerodynamic cooling and ensure the durability of the product. 

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