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Remodelling on a Budget: 3 Main Style Ideas to Consider

For those who love cooking, a kitchen is a place where the magic happens. A kitchen should be a place of comfort for the entire family to gather and cook food together.

Remodeling a kitchen seems like a daunting task, not to mention an expensive one. But it doesn’t have to be this way. With a little planning, you can have your kitchen looking new without spending a fortune.

Apart from the standard remodeling considerations, such as the color and texture of the walls, here are few ideas to help you remodel your kitchen:

1. Lighting

Lighting makes all the difference. You can add various textures in the kitchen, but if it lacks proper lighting then the effort you put into it is for naught.

There are various ways to light your kitchen. Natural lighting is the best; however, it is not available all the time. While you should try to utilize natural lighting throughout the day, you also require other lighting fixtures to make up for the lack of light. In addition to ambient lighting (natural lighting), a kitchen requires task lighting as well. Task lighting refers to lighting that helps you perform tasks in a kitchen. The main areas that need task lighting include over the countertops and under the cabinets.

Here are a few ways to light your kitchen cost-effectively;

Hanging/pendant lights

Hanging lights are hung over a kitchen island and sink to provide maximum lighting to the kitchen. Do not install these lights over appliances and stoves as it may lead to drastic consequences. Hanging lights are installed higher (closer to the ceiling) to light up as many nooks and crannies as possible. Moreover, this is also for avoiding glare while you work in the kitchen. It will be the main light source in the kitchen.

If you are planning to install hanging lights, there are various lighting fixtures available. Although chandeliers are not a popular choice for kitchen lighting, they can make your kitchen look extravagant.

Recessed lights

These lights serve as the main source of light and light up your kitchen instantly. You can install these lights in the ceiling, and they are more economical than hanging lights. You can even dim these lights to suit your mood. So you can change the light intensity to high when working and low when you are lounging.

Strip lights

In addition to the main light source, you may want to light up shadowy areas, such as those under the cabinets. For this purpose, you require strip lights. These light up the countertops to help you work around the kitchen. Moreover, strip lights are installed inside cabinets and drawers to help you find kitchen utensils easily.

2. Benchtops

If you want a completely new look for your kitchen, change the benchtops with a different one will do the trick. There are various types of benchtops, ranging from inexpensive to high-end. The choice of the benchtop depends on your budget and the style that you want. Moreover, some benchtops require regular upkeep, which might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

Marble and stone benchtops

The most common type is the marble benchtop, which is available in various colors and designs. However, these might be a bit beyond your budget, depending on the type of marble you use. There is no doubt that marble benchtops give a rich look, but it requires a lot of maintenance and polishing. There is no doubt that these uplift the look of your kitchen instantly. You can find a variety of marbel look kitchen benchtops at Kaboodle.

Laminate benchtops

Laminate benchtops are the most economical benchtops available. These are an excellent choice if you are remodeling on a constricted budget. The best thing about these benchtops is that you can find them in various styles, colors, and textures. To place the laminate benchtop, glue it onto the tabletop. It is also easier to clean the benchtops, making it easier to maintain these.

Wooden benchtops

Wooden benchtops are a little hard to maintain but can add a sophisticated look to your interior. You can find dark brown to lighter colors of wooden benchtops to fit in your kitchen. Before installing the benchtop, you need to apply a coating to the surface to make it food-safe. Maintenance can be a little tough for these benchtops. The benchtops require oiling every couple of years to avoid deterioration.

Stainless steel benchtops

These benchtops are in commercial kitchens, but you can also find them in households. Stainless steel benchtops are hygienic and easy to clean. Keep in mind that scratches on these benchtops will appear sooner than later, and these are expensive compared with others.

3. Cabinets

If you are bored with the old cabinets in the kitchen, there are many economical options. You can find a variety of sizes and styles of kitchen cabinets. Some of these are as follows:

Slab cabinets

Are you going for a minimalistic design? Slab cabinets are perfect for a modern and minimalistic look. These do not have a frame and look like slabs with handles. You can find them in a variety of colors depending on the color theme of your kitchen. These cabinets are made of wooden and plywood material. Plywood slab cabinets are economical and can be laminated to give a long-lasting finish.

Louvered cabinets

These old-fashioned cabinets have horizontal slits, perfect for providing ventilation. There is space between the slits, which allows a flow of air. Hence, you may want to install these in the laundry room and other areas of the house. However, these may not be the most economical option for a cabinet.


Breadboard cabinets have vertical spaces on the board. These offer a traditional look to the kitchen and are quite economical. You can have them in any color you want. However, maintaining these cabinets may take up some time.


With these basic style considerations, you can have your kitchen looking new. But the key to making your kitchen long-lasting is maintenance. Regular upkeep is essential to prolong the life of countertops, cabinets, and other items in the kitchen.

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