Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Your Loved Ones

Since the lockdown happened due to COVID-19, our celebratory practices have changed. Although we can’t celebrate important days the way we used to, we can still make our loved ones feel special from afar by sending them gifts they would love and find useful in getting through these challenging times. We bring you some very thoughtful and comforting quarantine gift ideas for your loved ones.

Flowers to brighten up their day

You can never go wrong with flowers. They are the classic route to take when you are trying to make a loved one’s day. Sending a flower bouquet or a house plant would certainly help your loved ones feel special and brighten their day.

A book that’ll keep an enthusiastic reader occupied

You have no idea how refreshing a good read can be for your soul. Get a book you know your friend or family member would enjoy. Be it a thriller or fantasy, make sure you get something that prompts the feeling of intellectual stimulation and just plain fun in the reader. I am sure an enthusiastic reader or writer will welcome this distraction to escape from the digital world that we are all trapped in.

A fancy basket of baked goods

A box or basket of baked goods is a staple for a reason. It basically saves you the trouble of choosing and deciding what would best fit the personality of the loved one you are getting a present for. All that matters is that there is a wide range of baked treats and that those treats are beautifully placed in a perfectly embellished box. If you want to avoid the hassle of choosing, just order Snacks For All: Sweet & Spicy Snack Box from They have a wide range of baked goods ranging from spicy snack bundles to sweet chocolate chip cookie bundles that your loved ones would enjoy devouring.

Personalization always works

There’s something very endearing and personal about making something for someone from scratch. Handmade gifts are a great way to show your loved ones that you appreciate them. You can make anything yourself, from aesthetically pleasing cards to ambrosial homemade scented candles. Your loved ones will be extremely grateful for the time and effort you’ll put in to make these gifts and it will also be a very rewarding process for you.

The COVID-19 care package

We believe that these days it should be a common courtesy to send a care package to your loved ones that’ll contain a bunch of fancy disposable masks, large bottles of disinfectants and sanitizers, and maybe a personalized note to let them know that you are always thinking of them and you want them safe and sound at all times.

The pandemic has been grueling for all of us but even if we can’t be physically there for our loved ones, we can always show them that we appreciate them and admire them by sending them gifts we know they would love. We hope our quarantine gift ideas will help you make your loved ones feel special.

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