Tips to Buying Good Rattan Garden Furniture

Garden furniture goes a long way in sprucing up the look of your backyard. With the right pieces, your garden space will have a modern, elegant look; a sight to behold when you have guests. The first step is to select the right furniture, and we understand this can be a challenge for some. Below we have thus highlighted a couple of tips to help you in the selection process:

Consider the purpose

If you are the type of person who enjoys a good barbeque now and then, a dining furniture set would be the best option for you. This is excellent for brunch with the girls on Sunday afternoon, or for a quiet dinner with relatives. With an investment in some outdoor lights, you will be able to set an ambiance perfect for a dinner party. Alternatively, you may be more of a cocktails and dance type of person. In that case, high bar stools and tables will likely be the best fit for entertainment. The beauty of rattan furniture is the diverse options it has, which allows you to get a furniture piece for all occasions, including a cozy lounge chair which is great for a read in the afternoon.

Pay attention to the cost

The price of a commodity always plays an important role. You do not want to splurge on an item only to find it retailing at a cheaper price elsewhere. To ensure that you stay on budget, consider doing research beforehand. Compare store prices for the item of your choice. This way, you will make a comfortable and informed choice, with the best price for you. You will also avoid the regret of spending more than you would have. A good place to start would be Lakeland furniture, a shop with lots of excellent and well-made furniture pieces.


Durability and comfort is always a key thing to look out for when buying furniture. To ensure that your pieces last for a long time in an open garden, you must consider the material that you use. Select materials that will be able to withstand all forms of weather. Furniture made out of plastic, metal, or rattan is a good place to start, as these can be modified to weather through harsh weather conditions such as wind or sun. If you, however, want something a bit more comforting, for instance, made out of feathery cushions, then you may want to consider going for portable furniture which can be moved easily in case of any change in weather

Pay attention to the sizes

You must maintain the aesthetic value of your outdoor garden space. You do not want to plop furniture pieces anywhere and everywhere, as it will make your garden look untidy and cluttered. Be mindful of what you place where to have a strategic pretty look. Consider the sizes as well and do not go for huge overwhelming pieces, but rather buy standard sizes that are portable and will not draw too much attention away from the garden beauty.

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