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What Are Gold Flakes – The Complete Information You Need to Know

You may have heard of gold flakes? Maybe even seen this thing called an edible gold leaf. But do you know what golf flakes are in the first place? What purpose do they serve? What is the nutritional value? How to store? And many more such commonly asked questions.

Even those that have used gold flakes don’t know much about them. So it doesn’t matter if you don’t either. Let’s get started then, shall we?

What Are Golf Flakes? What Is Edible Gold Leaf?

It’s an edible gold product used for decorating food. Did you know that gold ranks as biologically inert? In simple words, it means gold passes through your digestive tract without getting absorbed.

Edible gold leaves are commonly used in candy and dessert recipes. You can get flakes or sheets since both are easily available. But, mind you, edible gold leaf is a pricey item since it’s supposed to be gold. However, in comparison to real, actual gold, gold flakes are more affordable.

Many people buy the cheaper gold leaf in order to save the extra money. But you should know that the cheaper kind contains impurities. So you should always get high-quality gold flakes, no matter what.

Uses of Gold Leaf

Needless to say, gold flakes make the dish look a bit more glamorous. They add a golden shine to cupcakes and candies. These are also used for adding a golden glimmer to alcoholic beverages.

The edible gold leaf comes in two different forms – transfer leaf and loose leaf. The former is more commonly a part of covering large surfaces with gold. Such as cakes. As for loose leaves, these you can tear into pieces of your choice to decorate truffles and candies.

Gold flakes were originally used for dressing up desserts only. But it’s only now that the edible gold leaf has become a part of other types of dishes as well in restaurants. For example, gold-flaked, champagne-battered chicken wings. And also hamburgers served in gold leaf bread buns.

It goes without saying that these edible gold flakes, leaves, or sheets are very tricky and delicate to use. They wrinkle and tear very easily because of their thin quality. They’re so delicate, in fact, that even a slight breeze or your exhale can blow them away.

Another thing you should know is that when gold flakes come in contact with your skin, they stick, and then became unusable. So you have to keep that in mind. So it’s necessary to use supplies like a razor blade, clean and dry paintbrush, paring knife, pair of cotton gloves, etc. Even tweezers or tongs work flawlessly when it comes to handling edible gold.

Where to Buy Gold Flakes?

There are plenty of specialty marketplaces on the web that sell edible gold leaf. Then gold flakes are also sold in some candy and cake decorating stores. The sheet version can be found in art supply stores as well since they’re commonly used for art and craft projects.

Just make sure you choose pure gold. To be more specific, 22 carats to 24 carats. Anything lower than that contains a higher amount of impurities.

As to the size of edible gold sheets, a pack of 10 to 100 is available in sizes from 1.5 inches to 5.5 inches. The flakes version comes in containers. And it weighs anywhere between 100 milligrams to 1 gram.

How to Store Edible Gold Leaf?

Since gold flakes are extremely delicate, handling them with care is very important. In the sheet form, you lay them out flat inside an airtight container. And then store this container in a dry and cool place away from heat, light, and moisture. The same applies to storing flakes.

And what about the shelf life of this particular food item? Edible gold leaves last indefinitely.

Benefits and Nutritional Value

If it’s labeled “edible” and is 22-24 carats gold, then you can eat an edible gold leaf. Also, it’s got zero fat, zero calories, and zero nutritional value.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Gold Flakes Real Gold?

Yes, they are gold products used for decorating dishes. Since gold is a biologically inert substance, it cannot get absorbed while passing through your digestive tract.

So if they’re real gold, does that mean edible gold flakes and sheets are expensive? Comparatively speaking, they’re not as costly as actual gold.

Are Gold Flakes Edible?

Gold in its purest form has a chemically inert nature. So you don’t have to worry about it getting absorbed at the time of passing through your digestive system. The thing about 24-carat gold is that it’s extremely fragile and soft.

Another thing you should know is that the majority of edible gold also has a certain level of silver. In that case, both silver and gold, when pure, are inert. Plus, they’re Kosher certified too.

What Do Gold Flakes Taste Like?

The edible decoration offers no texture nor flavor. So you cannot taste it, no matter the dish you add it to. After all, edible gold flakes act as glitter, quite literally.

Are Gold Flakes Healthy?

Just because they’re a bit expensive doesn’t mean gold flakes offer a whole list of health benefits. There’s no such thing here. An edible gold leaf may be safe to consume and all. But it doesn’t have any nutritional value.

The End

Now that you’ve reached the end of the post, are you more well-informed about gold flakes? You’re most likely to be!

So the next time you use gold flakes or sheets, your chances of handling and using them better for your recipes are quite high. The item does indeed seem like a useless ingredient. There’s just no denying that. But, at the same time, it adds a little more visual appeal to your dishes. And even to alcoholic drinks!

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