What Are the Best Portable Closets and How to Choose Them?

The best portable closets have a way of revolutionizing your manner of organizing your garments. You get space for essentials as well as extra shelves for your jeans, towels, accessories, shoes, and more.

And it goes without saying that you should expect a portable wardrobe on wheels. But then these have to be smooth-rolling wheels. That makes way for easy, quick transport around your house or the office, clothing boutique, etc.

So no matter your storage needs, these types of closets offer a lot of convenience.

Best Portable Closets – The Advantages of Using Them

The first thing that comes to mind is flexibility. That’s the most important benefit here. The lightweight structure of such closets makes it easier for you to move it around as and when needed.

You can also assemble and disassemble the closet very quickly and conveniently. And that means easy, quick storage too. Convenience at its best indeed.

Also, portable-type closets offer additional space for clothing. And you don’t even have to spend a lot of money to get that. Affordable price tags are a part of the buying experience. Only $20 and above. With no special transportation cost. In fact, you can carry it home on your own.

Best Portable Closets – The Different Types

The first type comes in the form of a simple clothing rack. And the other type features a cover to enclose your clothing items. Both designs are quite reliable, with their own list of drawbacks of course.

But the most common type is the clothing rack. It’s the most suitable for those who constantly move around. So that means easy, convenient, and quick transportation. As for the downside, it doesn’t cover your clothes and other belongings. So they end up collecting dust.

And the solution to that problem is the second type of portable closet. One with a cover to protect the items. Even this design is lightweight to assemble, disassemble, transport, and move around easily.

But what about the cover material? Whatever the fabric, just make sure it’s waterproof, which is the case with every top-selling portable wardrobe on wheels. So you can wash the cover whenever you like.

Things to Consider When Buying the Best Portable Closets

  1. Size

The dimensions can be compact or large. What you choose depends on your requirements and preferences. How many items of clothing do you want to store? What also matters is how much space do you have to spare in your room?

If the room is large, then larger dimensions seem like a wise decision. The good thing about larger portable closets is that they normally come with shelves and a hanging rack. So you can stack your accessories, folded clothes, and some more.

However, for small spaces, go for a more compact size of course.

  1. Storage Capacity

Isn’t this the most important factor at the time of buying? The only time when storage capacity really matters is when your portable closet is the only primary wardrobe. If that’s the case, then the larger the storage capacity, the more bulky items you can accommodate into it.

Storage capacity also includes the weight of the shelves and rods. Some of the best ones give you more space without altering or affecting the dimensions of the unit. Top shelving, hooks, and rods provide additional storage capacity.

  1. Material

There are three material options – wood, plastic, and metal. No doubt, metal is more durable and sturdier. But then it’s also more prone to rust and heavier as well. Plastic, on the other hand, is lightweight. However, durability may be an issue with it. As for wooden parts, these are long-lasting plus they look visually appealing.

Now, what about the material of the connectors and fasteners of the closet? Don’t go for plastic ones because they tend to be less rugged than their metal counterparts.

And then comes the material of the cover. Keep in mind that soft, lightweight fabrics are the best in the case of temporary storage. But if you want a longer-lasting, more permanent solution, go for more durable hard plastic covers or enclosures.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Portable Closets

Are the zippers of portable closets durable?

Since the majority of portable closets feature zippers, it’s only common to ask this question. Zippers often get stuck when they’re made of cheap quality materials.

You may also want to add some weights inside your portable wardrobe. But why? Because some of these closets make use of dividers that aren’t supported with the help of metal frames. And when there’s no solid support, it’s only natural for the structure to warp. Thus, placing an immense amount of strain on the zippers.

So make sure stable interior and bottom support is a part of the design.

What is the best material for the cover?

One that’s durable of course, which is high-quality polyester canvas. Unless you’re storing soft, lightweight clothes, for which standard plastic works just fine.

Are collapsible wardrobes good?

A folding or collapsible wardrobe is the best for fitting into compact spaces. It’s portable, easy to clean, and multi-purpose. More often than not, the design is lightweight and small. In fact, these types of closets are also used in the kitchen or as a shoe rack.

Final Words

Needless to say, the solution to space-consuming, expensive wardrobes is a portable closet. So if your room doesn’t have much free space. Or if you don’t have a big budget. Then you know what to buy.

The best part here is that a portable wardrobe on wheels maximizes the storage space. It also helps in keeping your clothes, towels, accessories, and whatnot organized. With more flexibility in comparison to built-in closets, portable wardrobes feature adjustable shelving or rods.

Even factors like assembling and disassembling the unit are hassle-free. So if you’re a student or renter, you can now breathe a sigh of relief. Travel-friendly, packable options like these are just what you need.

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