What Can I Feed My Cat From Kitchen?

Sometimes, you may not have cat food available and want to give them something from your kitchen. Thankfully, there are several healthy and nutritious options to feed your cat from the kitchen. However, note that not all cats may prefer them as they get picky with their food options. 

In this guide, let’s look at all the available food options to feed your cat from the kitchen. Read on!

  • Spinach 

Did you know that many cat food contains spinach due to its highly-nutrient nature? It consists of essential nutrients like Vitamin-A, Vitamin-C, and Vitamin-K. Additionally, it is also extremely rich in calcium, spinach, and iron

However, remember that spinach isn’t a good option if your cat has experienced bladder stones. It may worsen their condition and cause further complications. 

  • Eggs 

Eggs are a common household item in our kitchens! Hence, you can also feed your cat some eggs as they’re full of protein to help in their body development. Additionally, they are also rich in Vitamin-B, which can help strengthen your furry friend’s immune system. 

Although, you should always cook the eggs before feeding them to your cat. Raw eggs may cause food-borne diseases due to the presence of bacteria. 

  • Chicken 

Cats are absolute meat-lovers! So, even though you can feed them several fruits and vegetables, they may turn their nose up in disgust. However, chicken is a safe bet as most cats love chicken and cannot resist it. 

Like eggs, chicken also provides a lot of nutrients to cats, including proteins. However, you should always give your cats cooked and boneless chicken. Also, ensure that you remove the fats from the chicken before feeding it to your cats. 

Note that instead of chicken, you should always prefer giving your cat healthy and enriching cat food. This article outlines some of the top food options for cats. So, take a look at it. 

  • Bananas

Do you have bananas in your kitchen? You can feed them to your cat! Bananas are rich in potassium and fiber. 

Note that bananas cannot act as the main meal for cats. They should not make up for more than 10% of the cat’s diet. 

  • Pumpkin

You can always give canned pumpkin to your cat after asking your vet regarding it. Pumpkins are pretty low in calories, and thus, there is no risk of indigestion or obesity. Additionally, they’re quite fibrous, which can help your cat’s digestion

Pumpkins are also a great option for cats facing stool-related issues. However, as mentioned earlier, always consult a veterinarian before feeding a pumpkin to your cat. 

  • Oatmeal 

Oatmeal is yet another item in the kitchen that you can feed to your cat. However, always soak oat in water instead of milk. This is because many cats are lactose intolerant. So, providing them oatmeal with milk daily may lead to allergies and digestion-related issues. 

The benefit of feeding oatmeal to your cat is that it is rich in fats and proteins. It is also easily digestible. So, it won’t cause any huge problems. 

Keep in mind that many cats don’t like oatmeal and hence, don’t prefer eating it. 

  • Cheese

Cats are lactose-intolerant, but they can still have cheese occasionally. If you’re feeding cheese to your cat, you should go for hard cheese varieties like gouda, cheddar, and swiss. 

Cheese can provide essential nutrients to your cats, like protein and calcium. However, you should only feed cheese in limited quantities, as mentioned earlier. Giving cheese daily to your cat may lead to digestive tract problems like diarrhea. 

  • Blueberries 

Fruits are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals for both humans and cats. So, you can feed blueberries to your cat if you’ve them in your kitchen. 

Typically, blueberries are rich in Vitamin-A and Vitamin-C which can improve your cat’s eyesight and immune system respectively. They’re also essential for the healthy functioning of your cat’s body. 

  • Turkey 

Do you’ve some leftover turkey from Thanksgiving? Well, give it as a treat to your cat and she’d surely appreciate it! It’s also extremely rich in protein just like other meats. 

Again, you should only provide cooked turkey breast to your cat for easy digestion. 

Final Thoughts

Cats can eat a lot of food items from our kitchen. However, you should still provide them with a balanced diet if you want them to stay healthy and happy. Occasionally, you can provide them with the above-mentioned food items too!

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