What Can I Use Instead of a Pizza Cutter?

Is not having a pizza cutter a cause for concern? It might be if you don’t have anything equally as special to replace it with. It is a good thing a variety of kitchen tools can be used in lieu of the circular pizza wheel. Some of them can even slice as good as, if not better than, the traditional pizza cutter.

When it comes to pizza slicing options, The Kitchen Warriors knows best. However, before you pay them a visit, let’s first take a look at the variety of pizza slicing instruments that can be used instead of a pizza wheel.

Not Using a Pizza Cutter? Here Are a Few Things to Consider

If you are using another blade in place of a pizza cutter, make sure to keep these few factors in mind:

Length of the blade

Whether you are using a knife or a cleaver, the blade length should be such that it covers the diameter of the pizza. This allows you to create a smooth, clean cut.

Let settle after removing from the oven

Pizza that’s just been removed from the oven is a little bit unstable. Slicing it right then and there could easily displace the toppings, with some of them sticking to the blade.

Rocking motion

If you are using anything other than a pizza wheel, it’s important to use the rocking motion when slicing. This motion keeps you from clumping toppings together while slicing.

Pizza Cutter Alternatives

No pizza wheel? No problem! With one of these tools in your kitchen, you might not even need to get a pizza cutter at all.

1. Pizza Knife

Technically, a pizza knife is still a pizza cutter, but we’ll deal with the semantics another time. At the end of the day, a pizza wheel is still the ideal choice for slicing pizza.

There’s a wide variety of pizza knives that should work well for most pizza lovers. Don’t forget to use that sawing motion when using these tools to slice your pizza to get a clean cut every time.

2. Go Bladeless

How about not using a blade to cut your pizza? If you’re wondering how this is done, just place your pizza in the freezer. Give it some time to freeze before taking it out and breaking it into even pieces or the size of pieces you desire.

3. Meat Cleaver

You’d be hard-pressed to find a kitchen that doesn’t have a meat cleaver lying around. Your kitchen has one, and you don’t even use it that often. What about the meat cleaver makes it great for slicing pizza?

It all boils down to two things: length and rocking motion. The standard meat cleaver is not only the right size, but it is also the perfect shape to slice pizza. It can cover the diameter of a pie easily and be rocked back and forth with little effort.

4. Chef’s Knife

Chef knives come in different sizes, so you want to consider getting one that’s able to cover the diameter of the size of pizzas you usually make. Get a chef’s knife that covers the entire length of the pie’s diameter, and you should have no problem getting things done.

5. Shears

When it comes to slicing pizza, a pair of shears have the ability to put the traditional pizza wheel to shame. Considering that’s what the pizza wheel does to almost every item on this list, that’s definitely saying something! You’re in doubt, aren’t you? Well, allow us to enlighten you of this tool’s magnificence.

Shears: The Best Pizza Cutter

Compared to our favorite slicing tools, a pair of kitchen shears look modest and is easily overlooked. This unassuming appearance belies versatility and value. It’s a multipurpose tool that cuts all kinds of meats and vegetables as efficiently as it slices pizza. It’s also easy to clean, which cements its position at the top spot.

Minimal or maximal cutting, the kitchen shears have got you covered. Try using a knife to cut a small slice, and you’ll see how the sawing motion clumps toppings together. This won’t be an issue with a pair of shears.

Kitchen shears cut better, cleaner, and more easily than any other pizza slicing tool, bar none. It is something that cuts perfectly no matter what slice size you’re going for.

No Pizza Cutter, No Problem!

There are quite a few tools to use in place of the pizza cutter, most of which are capable of slicing almost as well. Still, you have to remember that when using items like the cleaver or chef’s knife, blade length is important. The length of the blade has to cover the entire diameter of the pie to create a smooth, clean slice.

If you don’t want to be bothered by any of these technicalities, make sure you have a razor-sharp pizza wheel on standby. Better yet, get a pair of high-quality kitchen shears, which should solve more than just your pizza slicing woes.

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