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What is a Vertical Lift and is it a beneficial investment?

The first automated vertical lift was regarded as an elevator. Well, an automated lift is not an elevator but an enclosed system that is made up of double tray columns, as well as an inserter or extractor located at the center. From the push of a button, the stored trays are easily located and retrieved from the front and the back by the inserter or extractor to a pick window where the operator can conveniently access them. Usually, it is designed in such a way that reduces search time and eliminates walking by delivering stored items to the operator. This way, it helps to increase productivity up to ⅔ %! 

Oftentimes, they are made to different heights and widths in order to diversify the amount of work that can be done. In order to optimize height space, trays can be stored in a way that utilizes floor-to-ceiling height, in turn, saving 85% of floor space, better than standard shelving. With the Platform Lift, it is easy to expand business operations internally without consolidating additional facilities.

Is it a beneficial investment?

The simple answer to that question is yes! And this is because there are several reasons why it is a superb investment. That said, here is a quick rundown of the top benefits.

Protect Products and Goods

Instead of risking items from getting dropped, vertical lifts help to protect products and goods while reducing possible related damages. With such lifts, workers are able to place containers or boxes they need in the lift and simply press a button.

Reduce the Risk of Worker Injury

Another reason why vertical lifts are beneficial is that they help to reduce the risks of workers’ injuries. Studies have shown that a lot of workers in the manufacturing sector are prone to disorders that affect tendons, muscles, ligaments, blood vessels, and nerves. For obvious reasons, most of their jobs involve a lot of heavy lifting every day. With vertical lifts, such injuries and disorders can be prevented by creating a safe work environment.

Increase Efficiency and Productivity

The energy one would start with in the morning definitely keeps on going down as the day goes by. So, workers won’t be able to lift and move containers at the same rate towards the end of the day as in the morning hours. This equally translates to efficiency and productivity in the workspace. Material lifts go a long way into making work easy for workers, and unlike humans, they get most of the work done, at the same rate so productivity doesn’t reduce. 

A Material Lift Can Help You Increase Revenue

When there is higher productivity and efficiency then the revenue goes high as well. When you invest in the right equipment, like vertical lifts which make moving easier then it will help to speed up the business process. Hence, instead of spending time doing more manual work, employees can rather focus on other revenue-generating activities.

You’ll Have Happier Employees

It is a good thing that your employees are happy and satisfied. If they are comfortable in the workplace, it means that they will get the job done to their best will. If they are going to spend most of their time doing the heavy lifting then it means that they will always be tired. Also, they risk suffering possible injuries because of carrying heavy objects around. Using equipment like vertical lifts makes such tasks easy and makes employees happier. In turn, employee satisfaction is one way to better productivity and higher profits as well.

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