Why Should You Use a Pressure Cooker on Your Induction Hob

Pressure cookers are a fantastic invention. They can drastically reduce the cooking time of many different types of food. The ability to retain heat and pressure inside the pot means that food can be cooked more quickly than any other cooking method, even with the hob set at relatively low temperatures.

Besides, certain foods taste better when prepared in a pressure cooker. Many people believe that food cooked in a pressure cooker imparts a more intense taste than an open vessel.

The pressure cooker is a versatile vessel. It can be used on an induction hob. If you have never used an induction for a pressure cooker, then you should make a change. Here are some benefits of cooking in a pressure cooker on an induction hob.

Quick Cooking Time

One benefit of using a pressure cooker on an induction is the cooking time. Because the temperature inside the pot can reach very high levels, food gets cooked very quickly. Compared to usual cooking mediums, pressure cookers turn out to be a far better option for cooking food faster.

However, since the pressure cooker can rise high in temperature, the metal used for making a cooker should be carefully considered. For example, an aluminum or copper metal cannot be used for manufacturing pressure cookers because these metals can quickly melt. Instead, it would be best to look for a stainless-steel pressure cooker tested to work on induction. Remember, both pressure cooker and induction cooktop heats up and cooks food faster. 

The Ability to Cook Tough Foods

The increase in demand for modular kitchens is one of the reasons for induction hob’s market growth. A pressure cooker on an induction hob can cook tough foods like meat, certain kinds of pulses like chickpeas in a way that few other methods can.

You could use a pressure cooker for many things when cooking, such as dried beans and pulses. You can prepare stock from bones (also known as bone broth), which is better tasting than cubed or liquid stock. In a pressure cooker, you can cook tough cuts of meat quickly.

So by using a pressure cooker, you can not only cook and serve food faster but also reduce your energy consumption. Moreover, if you choose a big pressure cooker, you can cook different types of soups and stews for a large family.

Thus, the versatility of a pressure cooker provides many benefits. Since the pressure cooker can function on standard hobs, cooking on induction becomes an added advantage. Induction cooktops are more energy-efficient than conventional electric or gas systems, making using a pressure cooker more energy-efficient.

The Ability to Cook Without Pre-Soaking Your Food

If you usually soak dried beans and pulses before cooking, then the pressure cooker is an excellent choice for cooking them because you can eliminate the step. Just put all your ingredients and sufficient water to boil. If you love cooking beans and pulses but do not like to wait for overnight soaking, use a pressure cooker on induction to save time and energy.

Get More Taste In Less Time

Using the pressure cooker on an induction not only helps you to save time, but it can also infuse more taste into your ingredients than most other cooking methods. When using an induction, the pressure cooker can cook tough cuts of meat till it is tender without spending a long time stirring on the hob. Because meat can be cooked in a pressure cooker quickly, it will retain more natural juices and nutrients.

If you have an induction hob in your kitchen, using a pressure cooker on it can be an excellent way for saving time improving the fragrance and taste of your food.

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