5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Backyard

The beautiful spring weather has finally taken over the entire country. This means you can finally start taking care of the yard you neglected the last few months. When spring cleaning the backyard, MTD Management says it is important to focus on these five key areas..

Buy New Furniture

You cannot have a complete backyard until it is decorated with some beautiful furniture. Unfortunately, this furniture can age rapidly as it is constantly exposed to the harsh elements. Once the furniture starts to break down, your wonderful aesthetic is completely ruined. Easily spruce up the look of your yard by replacing the outdoor furniture this spring. Pier 1 has a large number of high-end luxury pieces that will create a sophisticated look in any yard. It is up to you whether you want to stick with the same decor or go for a completely new look.

Rake Up Debris

A backyard can quickly get filled up with unwanted debris over the winter. This debris accumulates as the branches and leaves from dying trees fall to the ground. Since it is often too cold to spend much time outside in the winter, you must wait to clean up the mess in the spring. The easiest way to quickly clean up the yard is by raking all of this debris into piles. You can then pick up the piles to put them in compost bags. A simple rake will save you hours of work.

Reseed the Lawn

In addition to killing the trees and plants, the cold winter weather will also do a number to your grass. The best way to guarantee that your lawn is filled with lush green grass is by reseeding. You absolutely must remove everything dead from the yard before starting this process. Add the seed after preparing the soil with a rake. Once the seed is planted, you need to water it immediately. It will take about two weeks until the new grass starts to grow.

Prune the Plants

The beginning of spring is the perfect time to prune your flowering trees, shrubs and vines. Evergreen plants also need to be pruned in early spring. The pruning process involves removing all of the dead stems and branches. This allows the plants to fully grow over the course of the next few months. Pruning also helps beautify the backyard by preventing the plants from becoming overgrown. Few things will ruin the beautiful look of a yard like a bunch of unkempt plants.

Add a Vegetable Garden

The spring cleaning process is the perfect time to make your yard look better than it did the previous year. An easy way to do this is by adding a vegetable garden in an unused spot of the yard. The growing vegetables provide a unique contrast to the rest of the plants in the yard. There is also the added bonus of getting to enjoy fresh vegetables for the next few months. Nothing tops improving the look of your backyard and the taste of your meals at the same time.


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