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Great Ways to Style Your Home With a Tulip Table

Tables are iconic pieces and a must-have in most homes. However, most buy what is available at the nearest store or what their budget and space can accommodate. When looking to have your home stand out by owning unique pieces, consider getting a single-legged table. Designed in 1957 by a renowned architect and sculpture, the complex tables have defied all odds to stick around for centuries. Many people avoid them for fear of tipping over and the comfort provided by traditionally shaped tables. So how do you go about adding this unique and contemporary table to your home?

In the Dining Room

This table was designed to defy a conventional dining table that led to tangled legs for those seated. The unique base helped reduce this, and this made it a creative piece to add to homes.

Its ability to adapt and blend with different styles makes a tulip table a must-have piece in every home. Over time, the tables have taken up different colors and sizes. They can be used in small and large spaces. Their geometric edge allows you to pair them with different seat options. This makes it an indispensable piece when looking to have a makeover. Additionally, getting complementary decor makes the table an iconic piece that is hard to miss.

In the Kitchen

You can use this table to create a breakfast nook or fill up space in your kitchen. It takes up less space and can even act as extra counter space when an island is not an option. However, look for a top that is easy to clean as a kitchen has many spills. Its single-legged design makes cleaning easy, reducing the push and pull in the kitchen that damages floors.

In the Lounge

The lounge is an essential spot in many homes as it is mainly used for relaxation and entertainment. A round coffee table might be all your space needs to make your room look elegant and balanced. However, getting a single-legged table takes it to the next level by making it a centerpiece and a focal point for your room. It also helps create asymmetry in the room when all pieces have their unique styles and features. Additionally, smaller versions of the table resembling stools can be used as side tables. You can use them to hold decors such as vases, sculptures, or books. You can also use them to place drinks and bitings when entertaining.

In the Bedroom

The table can be used as a side table to place phones, books, medicine, and decor. You can have them custom-made to fit your space and design. It can also be used as a reading table. However, get the right reading chair to avoid backaches and future spine problems. You can also convert the small tables into stools and use them at the dressing table while applying makeup.

In the Patio and Balcony

Outdoors, you can use the table to create chill spots and outdoor dining spaces. Ensure the tables are made from material that can withstand harsh climatic conditions outdoors. When entertaining outdoors, their sturdy base allows you to use them without a glitch. If you enjoy games, have one drawn at the top where one can play at their convenience.

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