Best Golf Snacks Healthy to Eat During A Round of Golf

So you love drinking a chilled beer on a hot sunny day at the golf course, I mean who doesn’t, right? What about eating delicious hot dogs to satiate your cravings? Or simply just candy bars in case you have a sweet tooth that doesn’t seem to rest even during a round of golf.

Now, while all this food is indeed tempting, it’s not necessarily healthy. So does that mean boring healthier alternatives instead? Well, the following best golf snacks are healthier for sure, but not particularly boring or bland…

10 Healthy Golf Snacks for More Power

Top brands design golf clubs to maximize your performance on the turf, right? Now, what good is all that advanced technology if you don’t have the energy to swing to the best of your abilities!

So let’s find out snacks that even professional golfers turn to for boosting power while also satisfying their cravings during long rounds of golf…

1. Beef Jerky

Certainly, the most common golfer snack is beef jerky. But then you have to make sure that the brand you’re choosing hasn’t added too much sugar and sodium. Because that’s just going to leave you feeling bloated, thus impairing your mental and physical abilities to finish your round of golf.

So go for low-sugar, low-sodium, and much fewer additives. Such as Kingmade, which happens to be the most favorite among golfers.

2. Nuts or Trail Mix

Yes, nuts are tasty and convenient. Plus, they work for all types of diets (vegan, keto, etc.). And these health benefits of nuts are convincing enough to eliminate whatever unhealthy snack you’ve been binging on during your time on the course.

But then it’s only a healthier choice if you avoid the pre-packaged varieties that are often loaded with sugar, preservatives, and other such unwanted elements.

Instead, go the organic way. Or you could just buy raisins, mixed nuts, and dark chocolate chips (all separately) and then just toss them in a bowl. And split the whole thing into small batches and bag them up.

3. Granola or Granola Bars

This is yet another very popular food item in the golfing, sports, and fitness community. Store-bought granola bars are an option, obviously. But if you prefer making granola on your own to keep away from unhealthy oils, additives, and sugars, then you only need simple ingredients for that.

Granola is a favorite even among backpackers and hikers. All thanks to its long-term shelf life and convenient storage. And just like nuts and trail mix, it boosts energy and is packed with protein perfect for endurance activities.

And one last thing – did you know that certain kinds of granola offer health benefits like improving blood pressure, blood sugar, gut health, and cholesterol?

4. Smoothies or Shakes

First off, a smoothie is not the same as a shake. The former has been described as “a fruit dance party in the mouth.” Meaning they’re a concoction made using frozen/fresh fruits and fruit juices. But shakes (or milkshakes) contain yogurt, milk, ice cream, etc. Both are healthy, delicious snacks but shakes are more energy-boosting.

There are all kinds of shakes by the way, plant-based, with whey protein, etc., that you can prepare at home from scratch and carry with you to the golf course. And if not, then how about Shakeology? This superfood-packed protein shake, yummy chocolate-flavored, doesn’t have a chalky texture or taste. So just mix it up and head to the course.

5. Energy Bars

Are energy bars healthy in the first place? Well, as long as you know which ones are the most nutritional, energy bars can really make you feel energetic. In fact, not many know this, they contain the least quantity of bad or sugary ingredients and more real food.

Fortified with minerals and vitamins, energy bars compensate for nutritional gaps. Plus, plenty of delightful flavors are now available.

6. Popcorn

Butter-laden popcorn that you just can’t get enough of at movie theatres is not the kind of popcorn I’m referring to you know. Rather healthy, homemade popcorn that’s lightly flavored with your choice of seasoning (paprika, salt, garlic, etc.).

The only way popcorn can be a healthy snack during your round of golf is if it’s not completely blanketed in butter and/or salt. This healthier version is surely more fiber-rich as well.

7. Yogurt with Frozen Berries

All you have to do is freeze a batch of your most favorite berries at night. Make sure you pack them in a container bag and keep the Greek yogurt separately. Then when you’re playing your round of golf the next day, simply bring the two ingredients together and devour all the sweet, frozen deliciousness on a hot summer day.

Berries, after all, are all about antioxidants. So if you have the luxury of using a cart, then this particular golf snack can make your experience even more enjoyable in the summer heat.

8. Peanut Butter Jelly Sandwiches

Don’t most Americans just love peanut butter jelly sandwiches! To be honest, it’s an all-time favorite snack all over the world. And has made its way into the golf course as well.

As long as the peanut butter doesn’t contain added sugar, too much salt, and other such bad, unhealthy ingredients, it counts as a healthy, energy-boosting, protein-packed snack. The same applies to the bread you use – no added sugar.

For golf, cut up the sandwiches for convenient, controlled eating during your long round of golf.

9. Fresh Fruit

Or maybe just keep it simple. Meaning have an apple or a banana. There’s just no denying that fruits are the healthiest of ALL snacks. No matter where in the world you are, what you’re doing, or what time it is!

You just have to make sure to keep away from juicy fruits, such as peach, plum, orange, etc. These are bound to turn snacking into a messy experience when outdoors.

10. Hard-Boiled Egg

I don’t need to tell you that eggs are a great source of vitamins and protein. And a thing like hard-boiled eggs, bite-sized and easy to prepare, are even better in terms of convenience. The only thing you may have to look out for is not mistaking your boiled egg for a golf ball!

That’s About It – Golf Snacks Couldn’t Get Any Healthier Than This!

After all, a single round of golf demands at least 4 hours of play. So it’s only natural to want to eat something during the game. But then it’s better to have healthy options at your disposal instead of just binging on stuff that’s only going to fill you up with unnecessary sugar, calories, etc.

The snacks I’ve discussed in this post are commonly carried by both amateurs and pros. And once you get your taste buds well acquainted with them, there’s no chance you’ll use the words boring or bland for description. So Happy Golfing and Happy Snacking!

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