Does a Water Dispenser Purify Water?

We find a water dispenser almost anywhere we look now. It is a staple in offices, public places, and our homes as well. Water dispensers are super convenient and provide a healthier alternative to tap water.

Clean water is not only a necessity but also a requirement for a healthier lifestyle. Almost 90% of health issues arise from unclean, contaminated tap water which prompts people to question whether the water they drink is pure. That is why one might wonder if their water dispenser purifies water.

We will walk through the whole process of whether or not a water dispenser purifies water in this article so let’s get going!

Primary goal of a water dispenser: Purifying water

Yes, a water dispenser does purify water, giving you a safer and healthier drinking option compared to tap water. This appliance is very easy to operate and also provides a hassle-free mechanism for obtaining cold or hot water at any time.

We are all well aware that purifying water with conventional methods can be really hectic. Therefore, to ensure the whole family stays hydrated and healthy always, a water dispenser is the best appliance to opt for.

The market offers a wide variety of water dispensers nowadays that homeowners can choose from. Bottom load water dispensers have become quite popular recently as they do not require too much space and look aesthetically pleasing as well.

These water dispensers are designed in a manner so as to provide clean, bacteria-free water as a step forward towards a healthier lifestyle all the while looking modern and chic in your home.

Why should I get a water dispenser?

There is not one but a myriad of reasons why you should get a water dispenser for your home. There are namely a few mentioned below but the list does not end here.

Better for a healthier lifestyle

Tap water gets polluted with numerous toxins such as bacteria, chlorine, and other contaminants by the time it reaches our homes. There are tons of water-borne diseases that children with low immunity are at a higher risk of.

Water dispensers provide a good alternative for tap water as the filtering system that is built into the appliance traps any bacteria and pollutants and only clean, purified water is dispensed out of the appliance.

Even better than boiled water

Boiling water at home for the entire family can be very hectic. Waiting for the water to cool down makes boiled water inconvenient. On the contrary, a water dispenser has three separate compartments for hot, cold, and normal water so you don't have to wait for hours to be able to drink pure water.

Moreover, leaving boiled water out and not consuming it within 24 hours can make it stale, exposing it to dirt and pollutants in the air. Furthermore, you might also store this water in containers that might not be clean enough, thus imposing a threat on health.

For the aforementioned reasons, a water dispenser is the better approach for clean water.

Keeps you hydrated

Your body needs at least 8 glasses of water a day to function properly. Water helps keep your skin healthy, detoxifies your body, provides valuable minerals, helps improve bowel movements and digestion, and also improves metabolism.

A water dispenser makes it feasible to drink as much water (hot, normal, or cold) as you want and whenever you want. It can be operated easily by kids too, making it easier for them to grab some water whenever they need it, providing sufficient amounts of water for everyone.

Encourages a sugar-free diet

In today's day and age when everyone is busy with their lives, we tend to not focus much on our health. We opt for drinks that are easily available and convenient such as carbonated drinks, juices, and flavored beverages.

Parents also believe juices to be a handy and convenient substitute for their children’s drinks. Though most fruit juices are marketed to be healthy, there is still a copious amount of sugar in these drinks which is detrimental for health.

A water dispenser is available at everyone’s disposal making it a great substitute for other beverages as people can grab water just by the press of a button (totally hassle-free!) to quench their thirsts making a drastic change in people’s sugar consumption.

Instant hot and cold water

Water dispensers have different compartments for water with different temperatures. You get hot or cold water at the touch of a button and within seconds. This is super convenient as you can make tea or coffee instantly without having to go through the hassle of boiling water in a pot or kettle every time. It saves your valuable time and energy.

Serves huge crowds

Water dispensers are a great appliance for homes and public places as they are easily accessible and provide water to big crowds. People can help themselves with healthy, clean water whenever they need it and won’t have to ask or wait for you to grab everyone a glass of water individually.

Having different types of temperatures is also a plus point as everyone has their own preferences. Keep sachets of instant hot coffee or juices that people can pour into their hot or cold water as desired. This will create the best impression on your guests!

Cheap and convenient

Water dispensers are best known for their convenience. They are a one-time investment. Most water dispensers come with a warranty and a life expectancy of up to 10 years.

The water bottles for the dispenser are also economical and can be refilled at a pocket-friendly cost. This is advantageous for the fact that you don’t have to keep buying small containers or bottles to store your water as you can simply refill the old bottle.

Furthermore, a dispenser bottle is the size of a gallon! It will easily last you more than a day so you don’t have to keep on changing and refilling the bottles throughout the day.


To make the world a better place, you need to watch every move of yours. One big bottle of water is better than littering your surroundings with numerous small plastic bottles that pose a threat to marine life.


A water dispenser does not only provides purified water but also offers a hassle-free drinking experience. All the benefits described above properly highlight why you definitely need a water dispenser!

There are not many downsides of a water dispenser either. Just a thorough cleaning of dust off of it is required to ensure that no dust accidentally gets trapped in the filter and enters your water.

Take a step towards a healthier lifestyle and get yourself a water dispenser today!

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