How Much Does A Cup Of Cheese Weigh? 

Everything you need to know about cheese and its measurements is here. Knowing the proper ingredient measurements is a great cooking tip. You can measure all your ingredients accurately. So the recipe never fails to amaze you.

Cheese is a common ingredient in many dishes. And there is a fine line between adding less cheese in a recipe and adding too much. Simply said, it can make or break the recipe you’re making.

So if you scale your ingredients before adding them into the recipe, you will need to read this about cheese.

How Much Does A Cup of Cheese Weigh?

It’s not always accurate to measure cheese (in all its forms) per cup or spoon. It’s necessary to convert cheese measurements to ounces, pounds, and cups.

Sometimes, this has more to do with what the recipe needs. And less to do with your ideal way of measuring cheese for cooking. So if you want to get it right. Here’s how you can measure cheese in a cup and by grams.

The average cheese conversion table looks something like this…

1 pound of cheese 16 ounces
1 pound of cheese 453 grams
1 ounce of cheese 28 grams

Now, in relation to cups…

1/4 pound of cheese 1 cup of grated cheese
1/3 pound of cheese 1-and-a-half cup of grated cheese
1/2 pound of cheese 2 cups of grated cheese

Since you know this, it’s easier to weigh cheese per cup or more. And vice versa. This should also help you buy cheese in the right amount from a supermarket. If you do not have space to store cheese at home, you need to buy a fixed amount. So that there should be no leftovers.

Now there are different ways of weighing cheese per cup. Because there are different forms of cheese, this is where you need to pay close attention. You can also differentiate between types of cheese according to their weight.

Types of Grated Cheese

Coarsely grated cheese is heavier than finely grated cheese. So 1 cup of coarsely grated cheese will less cheese but it will still weigh heavier than finely grated cheese which will have more cheese per cup.

If you’re looking at recipes online, it’s important to figure out what type of cheese is being used. And its grating size.

Having said that, it’s always better to add more cheese if you’re unsure.

Before You Go…

To make the most of cheese per cup, always grate cold cheese. Do not let the cheese sit out for long before grating it. Not only will this make your cheese grating experience messy but it might alter the weight of cheese per cup.

To take accurate measurements per cup, grate on wax paper. So your measuring of the cheese and serving is clean and effortless.


This simple conversion trick will help you measure cheese more easily from now on. One cup of cheese weighs about 1/4 pound. And 1 pound of cheese has 16 ounces of cheese. So you can do the math accordingly by ounces, cups, and grams.

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