How to Choose a Kitchen Apron?

Aprons are practical clothing items we often wear while we work in the kitchen. But even this practical yet straightforward thing we wear can be beneficial if we have the suitable apron to keep our clothes clean from working on a lot of food and provide us storage and protection as well as stylish while working on our dirty kitchen.

Finding an apron is easy if you know what to look for, and mind you, choosing the right one will be a practical choice and an excellent investment to make.

So if you are considering getting a new apron, there are various considerations to consider for choosing the most suitable and appropriate kitchen apron for you, your job, and your kitchen.


The first issue you should be addressing right now is the purpose of using a kitchen apron for you. The truth is, there are different kinds of aprons available for you today, but each one has its set of benefits you could get used to regularly. Understanding what an apron function is supposed to be will help you pick what you appropriately need for a kitchen apron, whether a cross-back apron, bib apron, or other kinds of apron entirely.


Are you working on a lot of sharp kitchen tools? The durability of aprons likely depends on their material. If you are only working for your home kitchen, you may not need to look for some heavy-duty apron. Still, an apron may not totally protect you entirely from sharp objects, but it may help you get away with some minor cuts and injuries so you can still continue working in your home kitchen without any minor damage at all.


Another aspect to consider when choosing your next kitchen apron is how much you move around in your kitchen? If your working kitchen is so large and you tend to move from one side to another side, you may want to consider picking a kitchen apron with pockets where you can store tools and small items for you to manage your walk back and forth or prevent you from misplacing small things in your large kitchen.

Fabric material

The fabric material of your apron is highly critical of what your apron is capable of in terms of durability, water resistance, and aesthetics. If you are looking for home use, the cotton apron is the most logical choice for you because it is lightweight, comfortable, and can be of great benefit for any home kitchen. For a more durable and long-time use, apron linen is ideal as it can hold up for a more extended time and is more robust, more water-resistant.

Bottom Line

Our top pick for the best aprons for cooking considering the following criteria: purpose, fabric, and mobility is the kitchen aprons from Son de Flor. Whether you are searching for style, comfort, and durability, Son de Flor’s kitchen linen aprons got you covered.

Linen aprons can keep you cool in hot kitchens because of linen’s outstanding qualities: highly comfortable, breathable, and lightweight.

Flattering aprons are simple and can be considered daily aprons or bib aprons, one of the most popular apron styles today. This is the ideal choice to always have at hand in your kitchen. It comes with two front pockets for storing small items while the tie-closure at the back lets you adjust the size. .

These kitchen aprons have full-body coverage, but it may restrict your mobility as it sways around the moment you move swiftly around the kitchen. Good thing, though it is naturally dirt-repellant and dries out stains quickly, making you look clean for a long time thanks to linen’s inherent properties.

A cross-back apron is one of the most versatile kitchen aprons available in the market right now. Since it doesn’t come with straps, it can easily accommodate all kinds of body types, and it is straightforward to wear as it features a slip-on and has an excellent mobility rating as it does not restrict any movement whatsoever.

Not to mention, it also comes with two spacious pockets on the front. Cross-back aprons also provide protection covering your whole front body, unlike other bib aprons. These cross-back linen aprons have subdued natural, white, and black tones, making them too lovely to take off.

Black Pansy’s flattering apron and prairie apron both offer a classic and elegant look. White magnolia prairie apron can be bleached if stained and provides simplicity and elegance at the same time.

On the other hand, natural linen flattering apron and prairie apron offer natural earth tones look that will make you appear professional chef working in your kitchen. Show your personality through your apron.

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