Popular Solar Oven Cookers

Solar ovens are a desirable commodity for homes nowadays. Whether it’s for mall residences or people who live a van life. Solar oven cookers have been trending since 1767 when it was first invented by the Swiss physicist Horace de Saussure. They are meant to trap solar radiation using reflecting internal surfaces and lids. That means that they don't need fossil fuels to heat up and cook food, making them environmentally friendly. Solar cookers are also solutions for renewable energy – particularly if power and gas are expensive or unavailable in the area.

They are also more secure than traditional fires for camping and can be utilized in regions with wildfire burn restrictions. Many models can be moved around easily and efficiently, making them a great tool for contingency and crisis planning kits or camping gear. Here are the most popular solar oven cookers of 2021.

1. GoSun Fusion Hybrid Solar Oven 

The Fusion is the first hybrid (solar+electric) solar oven. Other than using it on sunny summer days, it can also be used throughout the night or on rainy days when there is little sun to heat the oven, thanks to a 150-watt heating element.

The electric mode of the oven is powered by a 12-voltage energy source using an incandescent light bulb's equivalent power output. It is also able to serve up to six individuals - this capacity is larger than most solar ovens. It can also reach 550 degrees Fahrenheit and can cook food faster than many other options. Food can be fried, steamed, baked, and roasted.

2. Haines 2.0 Solar Cooker and Dutch oven

The Haines2.0 Dutch oven and solar cooker are the perfect pair for sunny cooking. The kit allows a beginner chef (even in chilly weather) to stew, boil, bake or fry.

In order to follow the sun’s movement throughout the day more effectively and efficiently the petal-shaped reflectors are adjustable, this will help heat all sides of the pot evenly. This tool is olor-coded for easy assembly, robust enough to use every day, and sufficiently portable to take up a camping excursion.

The oven heats up to 325 degrees Fahrenheit and comes with a cooking sleeve, a 4 quarter pot, thermometer, and circular windscreen. These extra gadgets are not usually seen include in the purchases of such cookers. The cooking space is quite big, the cooker itself is very light which makes it easy to adjust and move around. 

3. GoSun Sport 

This compact solar oven offers all you may ask for from a cooker. The structure and the way it is built make it very compact. Its reflector covers a tiny container and the legs are turned into carrying handles.

Many positive comments say that this all-season solar cooker can cook food in only around 20 minutes, which is significantly quicker than other designs that have been tested. 

One additional aspect that many people enjoy is the glass vacuum tube cooking chamber which doesn’t allow the cooker to heat up. This makes it excellent for children, parties, and campsites. The vacuum actually allows the cooker to heat up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Since the oven was designed to be used for carrying around on camping trips and outdoor adventures, the cooking volume of it is a lot less than other ovens. However, because of the glass vacuum, this oven is one of the fastest cooking solar ovens on the market.  

4. Sunflair Mini Portable Solar Oven 

If you are looking for the most portable and easy oven to carry around, this is for you. The Sunflair Mini is your perfect solar oven. It folds down to the size of a ring binder and is designed to protect the fragile inner part of the cooker. 

This oven is not one of the hottest choices going up to just 285 degrees Fahrenheit. But it still works for safe and clean eating, it can boil water, make soup and cook meat. It is equipped with various handy accessories including a thermometer for the solar oven, a trivet, a silicone sink, and a sac. The whole set is 1.25 pounds in weight. To learn the best practices and tips consider using the cookbook provided with it and you’ll quickly become the family’s designated solar chef.

5. All American Sun Oven 

This oven is the most expensive out of the given choices hence why it is not higher up on this list. The rustproof anodized aluminum oven, marketed as 'the ultimate solar appliance,' enables solar chefs to bake their preferred meals, boil or steam food. It can reach a 400 degree Fahrenheit temperature.

The stove is strong enough to take part in the next family holiday gathering with a backyard barbeque and light enough to heave out to the lake or on a glamping trip. It includes a heat gauge, a leveling leg, and a cookbook to stimulate creativity in your own solar cooking.

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