Spot-on Ideas To Have The Perfect Smoothie

Getting that real smooth blend is something you will never get. Smoothies, in general, is one example of a world creation that will always stay unique because the ingredients can be simple or close to being unusual. Get to know some tips for that special blend just for you.

Getting It Together

In making a smoothie, always consider your taste buds and your ingredients. If you don’t know what you want to have, then you will surely have a hard time in determining what flavors to blend. If you choose to make your smoothie, then it’d be great if you would take time in considering your choice of ingredients.

Considering The Contents

If you ask Google what a smoothie is, the first answer you’d get is “a man with a smooth, suave manner.” But what is it “a thick, soft drink of fresh fruit pureed with milk, yogurt, or ice cream”? Both answers are coming from Wikipedia.

Now you’d like to take considerations of what to put in your smoothie. Ultimately, what you have to consider is making a fresh blend or not, because you could decide on just putting ice cream on it and start mixing.

Getting The Better Of Your Smoothie

Tip 1: Make Sure To Choose Fresh Ingredients

Freshness is always better, not only by sight but also by taste so make sure you get your ingredients fresh. This way you won’t regret what you are blending. Moreover, freshness means more nutrition, and it would guarantee a better flavor as well, so don’t take any chances blending that’s close to being not fresh.

Tip 2: Do An Experiment

Being healthy is not limited to unsatisfying results. In making your smoothie aside from the freshness of your products you’re using, make sure to not hold back on your flavors. But don’t overdo it. Remember that the more things you mix in your drink, the more the nutrients you will be receiving from the ingredients you are using. This will tone down your excitement for a new drink.

Tip 3: Use A Good Blender

In using organic ingredients with lots of juices and flavors to work with, you have to consider in investing in a good blender. You can choose between a centrifugal blender or a masticating juicer. For one, a centrifugal blender uses a fast spinning grinding blade. As a masticating juicer is used to crush fruits and vegetables, consider choosing the one that produces more juice. More is great, right?

Tip 4: Sweeten Your Smoothie

If you’re a fan of organic smoothies, then you have to consider using natural sweeteners rather than artificial grocery sugars. Consider using honey or maple syrup to add sweetness to your drink or why not try to throw in a banana, that works in almost all mix-ups.

Tip 5: DAIRY-field

Adding milk to your smoothie make sure to use the unsweetened ones, you don’t want to add too much sweetness to your drink with the way you are already adding sugar to your mix. Keep it minimal. Having milk in your drink would make it a treat. Well except for those who are lactose intolerant.

Tip 6: Thick

If you like your smoothie thick, ice is an obvious choice, but just as banana is used for sweetness, it is also used to make your drink thicker. Some other choices you have are low-fat yogurt and peanut butter.

Tip 7: Getting Off A Little Healthy

Of course, your cheat day might come in handy especially if you are on that healthy diet. If you are in fact, not a diehard fan of being the healthiest person on earth, throw in some artificial sweeteners in your drink. It’s not a sin, and it’ll make your smoothie taste good. Maybe add some ice cream to it while you’re at it. A few drops of chocolate syrup? Why not?

Tip 8: Add Toppings

This might be somewhat a little unusual. But hey, if it’s your mix then you can do whatever to it, right? Add toppings like little shreds chocolate or delicious products, if you feel like they won’t ruin your taste buds then why not just go with it.

Sometimes smoothies will taste downright awful especially if you’re still not used to organic mixtures, but if you make your mix then you will surely have a fun time! The right toppings will spice up your first sip, but you just have to endure the rest of it afterward

Tip 9: Liquid

When making your smoothie, you have to consider what are the juices you’d be using. Your everyday choices would be water, green tea, coconut water and the fruit juices. So go ahead and make a choice.

Tip 10: Don’t Overdo It. Have Fun!

At the end of it all, if you’re asking why your smoothie would likely be tasting like crap. Here’s some advice. One does not just take a juicing recipe and shove it down the blender. So have fun!

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