Types of Manual Coffee Grinders

The rating of the best models of manual coffee grinders for home allows you to get acquainted with the variety and choose the most convenient device of all. To buy a device correctly, you need to know about its features and important criteria.

Which manual grinder is better to choose

All manual coffee grinders can be divided into 3 types. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.


The devices are miniature square mills with a handle on top. The beans are loaded into a special funnel, the millstones are set in motion by rotating the handle, and fine coffee powder is poured into a small drawer in the lower part of the body. The distance between the discs can be very finely adjusted to achieve the finest grind.

The advantages of European coffee grinders include their attractive appearance, they can become part of the interior. The devices are easy to clean and wash and do not need to be handled during operation.

Advice! Although the European models are quite stable, you still need to hold them while grinding to prevent the miniature coffee mill from tipping over.


Turkish, Armenian and other coffee grinders are called Eastern. They differ from European ones primarily in their elongated cylindrical shape. The grinding of the grains also occurs due to the rotation of the handle, which drives the millstones. However, the handle on oriental models can be folded or removed. The finished coffee powder is poured into the bottom of the device, and to remove it, you need to remove the lid.

The advantage of oriental shredders is their compactness. But in the process of processing the grains, the cylinder must be held in hands, which is not always convenient.

No cone

Most modern hand shredders have no housing in principle. They are a special attachment for installation directly on the cup with a funnel and a handle on top. The ground coffee powder is then poured directly into the brewing container. It is convenient, but it cannot be denied that outwardly similar models look too faded.

How to choose a coffee grinder for your home

Although the manual shredder seems to be a very simple device, it is chosen according to certain rules. You need to pay attention to several points.


The main element of the manual coffee grinder is the burr discs. Usually one of them is firmly fixed inside the body, and the second moves and is responsible for grinding. Millstones can be made of cast iron, ceramics or steel, sometimes stone elements are found.

Cast iron millstones are very durable and do not crack, but they can give the smallest chips that get into the coffee, and besides, they strongly absorb odors.

Ceramic discs do not grind for a long time and never rust. But if you accidentally drop the grinder, then most likely the millstones will break.

Titanium coated steel elements are highly wear resistant. In terms of efficiency, they are inferior to ceramics, but superior to cast iron.

You need to choose a grinder for coffee by millstones, they are the most important part of the device.

Models with steel or ceramic internals are considered optimal when choosing a manual grinder. They show the best ratio of cost and functionality.

Important! Sometimes you can find models with natural stone millstones. This option is the most environmentally friendly and objectively the best, but it is very expensive.


Manual coffee grinders are divided into types depending on the shape of the body – cubic or cylindrical. Which model to choose depends only on personal taste. However, it should be remembered that oriental devices are more compact, while European ones look more attractive in design.

Handle location

The handle of the device can be located on the side or at the top, and the side version is found only on European models. You need to choose in accordance with personal preferences, before buying a coffee grinder, you should twist the lever and evaluate the degree of convenience.

Most buyers prefer the side-mounted handle, so you have to put less effort.

Grinding adjustment

One of the most important features for a manual grinder is the ability to adjust the grind from coarse to finest. The vast majority of grinders have adjustment, but it makes sense to check this point once again before buying. If it turns out that the device does not support this function, then its capabilities will be severely limited.

Body material

Manual coffee grinders come in ceramic, metal or wood, and there are also budget plastic models. Which device to choose is an aesthetic issue that depends on individual taste. However, metal and wood grinders are the most durable, while ceramics, for all their attractiveness, are easy to break.


The optimum capacity of a manual coffee grinder is determined by how many people will use it. For individual use, a volume of 20-30 g will be enough, for a large family it is better to take a device with a 100 g grain tank.

Attention! The same applies to the volume of the container for the finished powder.as. It should correspond to the capacity of the upper tank.


The best manual coffee grinders are considered to be desktop and compact devices. Regardless of the cost, grinders allow you to get the finest and most homogeneous coffee powder, which can only be prepared by grinding.

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