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What Can I Use Instead Of Beef Broth? What Are the Best Alternatives? 

If you’re looking for beef broth substitutes, you’ve come to the right place. This article gives you all the options you can use instead of beef broth. They are quick and easy substitutes to make. Recipes that you can add to soups, sauces, casseroles, and other dishes.

Beef broth is one of the most commonly used ingredients in recipes. And most home kitchens have it handy – just in case. For vegetarians, there’s vegetable broth which is just as good.

In this article, we’ll consider all the ways you can make a beef broth substitute at home. So don’t go anywhere because this just got interesting!

What Can I Use Instead of Beef Broth?

What makes a beef broth? It’s the meat, most of all. Then comes the select few vegetables like carrots, onion, and celery. And the one thing that stands out and makes broth broth, and not stock, is herbs.

That is the difference between a broth and stock. Chicken stock, beef stock, and vegetable stock do not contain herbs. But broth of any kind does.

Broth is also seasoned with salt and pepper and other ingredients. Stock is not. You can make classic beef stock with vegetables and meat. But you do not add seasoning or herbs to the pot. And it is used as a base ingredient in dishes like gravies, soup, chili, and stews.

People can drink broth as it is because it’s practically soup. With herbs and seasoning, it’s healthier and more aromatic.

Now that we have got the basics of broth versus stock out of the way. Let’s look at the many substitutes for beef broth…

4 Beef Broth Substitutes

1. Chicken and Vegetable Broth

You can use chicken or vegetable broth as a good substitute for beef broth. Just use one broth in place of another. It’s really that simple.

For chicken broth, you can use a whole chicken. Add some veggies like carrots, celery, onions. And garlic and your favorite herbs like parsley. And spices like bay leaf and peppercorns. Gather up all these ingredients and add them to a deep pot or Dutch oven. Simmer and let the ingredients boil until fragrant.

There is a more exquisite way of making chicken broth at home. Homemade chicken broth is best because it’s so versatile and delicious. And it adds such a powerful flavor in ingredients that would simply taste dull without it.

Vegetable broth, on the other hand, is healthy, nutrient-rich, and aromatic. You can add all kinds of vegetables to it. Such as celery, carrots, kale, collards, and any other greens of your choice. Add that to the pot of boiling water with garlic, herbs, salt, and pepper. You can also season with nutritional yeast and sea salt for extra flavor.

2. Wines or Beers

Wine or beer is a good substitute for beef broth. It is often used to braise meat. And it can add tons of flavor and texture to soups, stews, and gravies.

People who do not drink beer often use non-alcoholic beer. It does the job perfectly. The best way to use wines or beers is to do half-and-half. Go for light beer or wine with water. It’s important that you let the recipe cook thoroughly after adding the alcohol.

3. Soya Sauce

You can find soy sauce in any supermarket. It’s an unusual substitute for beef broth. But it does wonders to your dish. Lots of home chefs also add soy sauce to their vegetable stock. You can do half-and-half with equal parts of soy sauce and water.

If soy sauce is not available to you, steak sauce is another great solution. Even a tablespoon of steak sauce can make all the difference. And it’s a great choice for quick dinner fixes when you do not have a lot of time to cook up a meal.

4. Bouillon Cubes

Bouillon cubes are flavorful and long-lasting. You can easily store them at home. And they do not take up so much space. The bouillon cubes or granules are dehydrated broth.

To prepare them, you need to add a cube in hot water and stir until it dissolves. So it’s a concentrated form of broth that is saltier than homemade beef broth.

Always keep in mind that bouillon cubes contain more salt. Make sure to balance out the salt content in the food by adding less salt.

Uses of Beef Broth

You can use beef broth or its substitutes in the following ways…

  • To reheat refrigerated gravies, stews, and chili. You can do this in the microwave after adding the broth to the dish. Or on the pan by slowly simmering and combing the broth.
  • To cook flavorful rice and make it softer and more aromatic. Lots of home chefs cook rice with broth and skip adding salt to the boiling water. This not only saves time but reduces the amount of salt in your food.
  • Prepare couscous and cracked wheat with the help of broths or stocks. Good for cutting back on salt and adding more flavor to your food.
  • For quick stir-fried food such as vegetables with rice. You can even stir-fry and then bake the vegetables in the microwave for a healthy meal. It’s quick and effortless.
  • Basting and roasting meat or vegetables. This is the perfect caramelization you need when grilling. It adds flavor and keeps the texture juicy. And when grilling outdoors, it can prevent the meat or vegetable from burning.

The Bottom Line

If you are out of beef broth, you can still make the dish you want to make. One option is to use vegetable or chicken broth. And if you don’t even have those, you can use soy sauce, bouillon cubes, and wine or beer in your recipe.

These substitutes will give you a flavor very close to beef broth. And it’s so simple to buy or make on your own. You won’t feel like anything is missing at all.

Homemade base ingredients like beef broth add nutrients and flavor to your dishes. And that’s why so many people avoid store-bought packaged broths. It’s always better to know what you can use instead of beef broth if you’re out. And this article lays down all the essential information for you.

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