What Is The Best Way To Clean A Crystal Chandelier?

Do you have a chandelier at home?

Are you wondering how to clean it?

Worry not! We will today share with you the best way to clean a crystal chandelier. It does not matter whether the chandelier is in your living room, or it is a kitchen Crystal chandelier. The method which we are going to highlight works for almost every type of crystal chandelier.

Which is the best way to clean a crystal chandelier?

The best way to clean a crystal chandelier involves a spray bottle and a cloth. We will go into the details of the step-by-step procedure below to help you understand how you can clean the chandelier easily.

Best Method: Using the spray and a cloth

1. The first thing which you need to do is to switch off the chandelier till the bulbs cool down. Only once it cools down, you can proceed to the next step. You have to disconnect the chandelier from the electrical socket.

2. You have to then prepare the area around the chandelier before cleaning it. You have to cover the floor with a drop cloth. The drop cloth should cover the area under the chandelier and also the vicinity.

3. You have to ensure that you have a step ladder handy to access the chandelier. The stepladder should be sturdy and stable. The height of the stepladder should be such that you can access every part of the chandelier.

4. After placing the ladder in the right position, you have to take a cotton cloth and spray glass cleaner on the chandelier and clean it. Using it, you have to wipe down every crystal. Immediately after wiping the crystals with a wet cloth, you have to wipe it clean with a dry cloth. Doing so will ensure that you clean it properly and restore it to the original condition.

5. During the cleaning procedure, you have to ensure that you spray the cleaning solution on the cloth and not on the crystals.

6. To clean the frame, you have to use regular dry cloth, and if you want to use any solution, it is better to stick to metal cleaner or chandelier cleaner. It would be best if you do not use a glass cleaner on it.

7. If there are any fixtures that you need to clean, they should be cleaned only with a dry cloth.

8. In case there is any dust left over, you can dust the chandelier with a dry cloth.

Once you follow this procedure, you can be sure that it will become easy for you to clean the kitchen crystal chandelier. The process does not take a lot of time, and neither does it need a lot of resources. It means that cleaning the crystal chandelier will be quite easy once you stick to this procedure.

The procedure which we have highlighted above is suitable for chandeliers which haven’t been cleaned for 3 to 6 months. In case you have not cleaned the kitchen crystal chandelier for a long time, you can follow the alternative method, which we will highlight below.

Alternative method: Removing the crystals and cleaning them

The alternative method involves separating the crystals and cleaning them individually. It might be a tedious job, but if there are stubborn dirt, contaminants, and grime, this is the best method that you can use in that case.

We will go into the details of this method below.

1. You have to switch off the chandelier and disconnect it from the power socket. You have to let the light bulbs cool down before going to the next step.

2. You have to prepare the area below and around the chandelier in the same way, as mentioned above.

3. Once you do so, you have to climb the ladder and dismantle the chandelier. You have to go through the instruction manual of the chandelier or find one online to disassemble it carefully. You have to keep in mind that crystals are quite delicate, and therefore, you have to dismantle the chandelier carefully.

4. Also, you should place them in an orderly fashion rather than just keeping them one on top of one another.

5. You have to take a bowl or a vessel and fill it up with warm water. It can contain mild dish soap as well. To provide cushioning, you can use towels. You have to place the crystals in the vessel and use your fingers to rub off the dirt. During the process, you have to rub the crystals with your hands rather than any other objects. The crystals should not rub against each other.

6. After doing so, you have to keep them on a clean towel outside.

7. Once you clean the crystals, it is time to clean the frame and other fixtures. To clean the frame, you can use a metal cleaner along with a soft cloth. For cleaning the fixtures, you can use a dry cloth.

8. You have to let the crystals dry completely before assembling the chandelier once again. The instruction manual will come to your rescue when doing this. Similarly, you have to air dry the metal frame of the chandelier before going to the next step.

9. Once, it is dry, and you have double-checked that it is assembled correctly, and then only you can start using it once again.

As you can see, this method will take a considerable amount of time and effort on your part. However, if there are stubborn dirt and grime on the chandelier, this is the only method which you should use. If you haven’t cleaned the chandelier for 8 to 12 months, you should use this method.

So, in case you’re wondering which is the best way to clean your kitchen crystal chandelier, you can go with the first method, which we have highlighted. However, that will only work when you clean the chandelier regularly approximately every six months. If you haven’t done so, you have no other option but to go for the alternative method.

With our guide above, you can make sure that your crystal chandelier is gleaming once again. The step-by-step procedures above ensure that you do not miss out on a single detail when cleaning the crystal chandeliers. It is time to restore them to their original pride using our guide above.

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