What Should I Look For When Buying a Coffee Maker?

Most of us never expected to need coffee this much, but here we are searching for a brand new coffee maker to replace our old one. How could we go through even a day without a cup of our favorite brew to perk us up in the morning?

But before you make that decision, it’s important to go over the factors for choosing a coffee maker very thoroughly. This prevents you from ending up with something you’ll regret, like a model that doesn’t brew your kind of coffee.

With the sheer number of coffee makers saturating the market these days, you need a clear and vivid picture of what your choice should look like. The factors we’ll discuss today should help that image materialize in your mind.

You can also ask experts or consult websites, like Freshpresso, to help with the coffee maker selection process.

Factors To Keep in Mind When Choosing a Coffee Maker

Coffee makers work similarly in that they brew coffee most efficiently. However, they are not, by any means, created equal. A coffee maker will only be able to brew as efficiently as its parts and mechanisms allow.

So, how do you end up with a coffee maker that meets your needs? Simple, just consider the factors below.

Coffee Type

When it comes to coffee, the choices one has these days are endless. Not to mention that advanced coffee machines are even making what used only to be cafe-limited coffee possible at home.

That said, it’s crucial to note that each type of coffee maker has its signature brew. That’s something you must consider when picking one out; otherwise, you could end up with a machine that doesn’t brew the coffee you want.

If your go-to cup of joe is a macchiato, then your machine should be equipped to perfect that cup of coffee with ease. The same goes if cappuccino or espresso is more to your flavor.

There are also coffee makers that bring variety to the table. If your taste in coffee differs from day to day or week to week, pick a flexible machine that allows you to save on money and counter space. Keep in mind that a more versatile coffee maker typically has a heftier price tag attached to it.


How do you usually have your coffee in the morning? How one has coffee in the mornings differs from one person to another. Some like waiting for their coffee to brew, while others want theirs ready in 30 seconds or less.

Coffee machines also have a say when it comes to brewing time, so you want to be careful with your choice. If a machine that brews coffee the moment you wake up is more your speed, pick a programmable one.

It’s an option that you can leave behind to do all the work while preparing for the day ahead. Of course, if you don’t mind giving a machine your full attention while it does its magic, a manual pull-over coffee maker could serve you just right.


Remember that it’s your hard-earned money invested in these appliances, so you want one whose value matches whatever it has to offer. Pick a model that suits your budget. There are tons of quality and budget-friendly options that should meet your coffee-drinking needs.

When scouring the market for options, consider the cost of a prospect machine upfront and long-term. Sometimes, it’s worth paying a little more today and spending less on maintenance later than the other way around. Invest smartly, and you might not have to pay as much for super-expensive repair costs in the future.

Additional Features

If your taste in coffee makers leans more on complex rather than simple brews, you might want to invest in one that has a few extra features you can benefit from. Some machines automatize everything, which could be convenient if you’re the type who’s forgetful or has a lot of things going on.

There are features other than brewing to keep an eye on if you want a coffee machine fit for your lifestyle.

Correct Maintenance

A coffee machine’s maintenance requirements are sometimes unique to the brand. Hence, if the machine comes with a manual or has a label with cleaning instructions in it, read the information first before doing anything.

Though in most cases, coffee machines will require you to wash removable parts after every use and descale with vinegar at least once a month.

The Right Coffee Maker Can Change Your Life

If you haven’t experienced what it’s like to have a coffee maker that literally reads your mind, you’re missing out on something amazing. This or something close to it can be a reality for you when considering the factors mentioned above for selecting a coffee maker. It’s worth noting that when picking out products that come in a lot of variety, even a little research can make a whole lot of difference.

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