What to Pack for Summer Camp

This is a fun time as summers are coming! The kids are relieved from their school duties and are now ready to start packing for summer camp. This is an exciting period for the kids to undergo various activities ranging from planning the list to a gathering of important supplies which requires ample time.

The primary objective of summer camps is to enhance social, educational and athletic development among the children. The experience gained there has a long-lasting psychological impact on the kid’s development.

The problem arises when the kids who are packing for summer camp; are confused and find it difficult to arrange necessary prerequisites materials in an effective manner. As they would be participating in various activities in the summer camp, they must take necessary steps in doing thoughtful packing for making this summer vacation a successful one.

In the next section, we would discuss various things which should be packed for the summer vacation so that the kids would have ample time to prepare themselves for the thrilling journey ahead.

Packing Bags

It has been recommended that a small zip lock bags should be kept with the camp goers which contains all the essential materials so that they would not face any problems in summer camps. A good sports bag would also be effective in carrying clothes and other essentials.

Comfortable Clothing

Clothing is an essential part of a summer camp and should comprise cloths for warm days and cold nights. They should include jeans, T-shirt, shorts, long pants, and a jacket. Raincoat should also be packed in case the camping is done near wetlands or waterfalls.


Some headgears should also be taken in order to protect the face from the harsh sun. These include caps, sunglasses, sunhat, and scarves. If the summer camp includes swimming activities, then swimming goggles should not be forgotten by the campers.


The summer camp would include various physical activities where the protection of the foot is a vital part. Long boots are required to protect feet from getting an injury and also from insect and snake bites. Tennis shoes and sandals should also be taken as normal wear.

Apart from these shoes, other types of footwear might be required during the camp. So at the time of packing footwear for the camp, you should consider the activities going to happen during the camp.

Portable Grills

Best portable grills for RV camping is a crucial part when travelling to remote locations or national parks. They would help in cooking the food or making tea using heat from charcoal or electricity. One thing should be kept in mind that they should be easy to carry or transport.

Bed and Bath Cover

In summer camps, there is no bathroom or toilets and everything is managed by the people themselves. In such cases, a blanket, pillow, sleeping bags would be required to have a good and sound sleep.

In addition to this, a pack of towels, especially for bathing and hand-wash, are important as they would help you to protect your body from dust and germs and keep you free from skin allergies and diseases.

Bathroom and Wash Kit

During summer camps, you could not remain aloof from dust and germs which might affect your skin. So to protect them a good quality soap, hand sanitizer, shampoo is essential. Besides, one should also keep toothpaste, brush, comb, deodorant, sun-screen etc.

Special Activity Wear or Equipment

Summer camps demand high physical activities and thus requires some special gears or equipment so as to participate in these activities in an effective manner. This includes dancing shoes, own sports equipment, musical instruments and so on.

On the other hand activities such as horseback riding would require a hard hat and special clothes; water-rafting would require plastic clothes and protective gears. If these are unavailable, you are free to contact your camp organizers.

Other Essentials

While going for outdoor summer camps, there are various things which are required to enjoy the vacation in an effective manner. In order to protect from insect repellents is necessary. To click a good picture, a high-quality camera is required.

During nighttime, the torch would be required for going toilet or searching for something. Besides, a refillable plastic water bottle would be necessary. Furthermore, books and playing cards are a must to entertain themselves.

After all the supplies are gathered, they should be kept in a trunk and hand over to the camper. This would become handy in case it is required to keep all the gathering back at the end of the camp. After that, label everything so as to protect them from theft and burglary.

Things to be Left at Home

Summer camps are there to enjoy the vacations and learn new things in life and not to waste in unnecessary materials. So there are some items which should be seriously left by the kids at the home. These are:

  • Electronic Games
  • Mobile Phones
  • Excessive Cash
  • Expensive Items

So follow this guidelines and protect your vacations from getting wasted by refraining yourself from these unnecessary items.

Things to Remember

Apart from this, there are various essential things which should be kept in mind. These things are:

  • Label Everything
  • Abstain from packing valuable items
  • Pack the clothes for one week even if the camp is for 4 weeks
  • Do not venture out of the camp alone
  • Tell the camp organizer if going for sight-seeing or toilet in case of camping near national parks
  • Utilize portable grills for RV camping wisely and judiciously
  • Do not forget to take medication drugs for cases such as asthma


Summer camps provide an opportunity for the kids and teenagers to interact with other kids, participate in extracurricular activities and thus help in their physical and mental development. Moreover, the children become more self-confident which make them more socially responsible.

However, to make this a memorable one, it is required to keep in mind all the prerequisites for a summer camp. All the essentials should be packed by children with the help of their parents and should note that they should not be in excess or it might pose an unnecessary burden on them.

Thus, prepare the list, keep them handy and utilize the time to enjoy the summer camp with pomp and enthusiasm!

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