8 Secrets to a Successful Coffee Shop

Setting up a successful coffee shop can seem like a mammoth of a task, and that’s because it is. However, after checking out some of the secrets to a successful coffee shop below, you’ll be feeling more confident about what steps to consider when creating your own coffee shop.

1. Location 

One of the most important aspects to consider when setting up a successful coffee shop is location. This is because it needs to be somewhere that people can have easy access to in the mornings.

If people can pop into your coffee shop in the mornings on their commute, they’re far more likely to stop by to buy a coffee more often. Another element to consider regarding location is parking.

Ensuring that you have enough parking space for people to park their cars right outside to grab a coffee before heading on their way is crucial.

Places like malls may not always be the most realistic option for setting up your first coffee shop because the rental prices for centralized locations are high. Malls and built-up locations tend to also be brimming with competition.

2. Picking A Good Commercial Coffee Maker 

While training your staff to make a great cup of coffee is important, the first step in the right direction is to find a great commercial espresso machine. There are many different types available and familiarizing yourself with the different commercial coffee makers will help you decide on the one that you want to use.

When you look at what other coffee shops are using, you’ll notice that there isn’t one type of commercial coffee maker that they all use. Therefore, it comes down to personal preference and the type of coffee that you want to sell.

You should also be prepared to set aside a good chunk of your budget to a high-quality coffee maker as it’s vital for providing your customers with coffee that tastes great.

3. Staff 

The team of staff members that you put together will have a huge impact on how successful your coffee shop can be. This is because they are critical when it comes to customer service and the quality of coffee being made.

An important element to think about when it comes to putting together a great team of staff is that they’ll need to be trained. Therefore, you may want to put some time aside to train your staff until you feel confident that they can handle making the coffees and maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction. This may be something that your team improves over time.

Ensuring that your baristas are well-trained in making coffees that stand out from the larger chains is a superb way to increase the chances of your coffee shop becoming successful.

4. Creating Ambience 

Setting the mood inside your coffee shop can be a simple but highly effective way to create repeat business. When your coffee shop has a warm, inviting atmosphere, people are more likely to return.

This is because coffee shops can become a fun place for people to meet up and have conversations. Sometimes, the quality of the coffee comes secondary to customers! Combining great-tasting coffee with a warm ambiance will have people coming back for regular catch-ups and even business meetings.

Be sure to include a good variety of tables and seating areas. This is so that you can make people in smaller or bigger groups (as well as people on their own) feel more comfortable. It’s important to have a good lighting system to ensure that the coffee shop isn’t too dull on days where the sun isn’t out.

If you have the space, you may also want to consider adding a patio at the front of the shop. It makes passers-by notice the coffee shop more and can be superb for people to enjoy a coffee as well as the nice weather.

Consulting with an interior decorator is best to ensure you can bring your vision to life in a realistic way.

5. Considering Renovations

As we mentioned above, adding in things like an outdoor patio can be a great way to keep people coming back to your business. Sometimes, you may not realize that elements of your shop need changing until later on.

Therefore, it’s a good idea to keep a budget for renovations in the future. The layout of your coffee shop is important for making sure that customers feel comfortable and have a relaxing experience.

It’s also important for employees to be able to navigate the coffee shop to be more productive. Rearranging where your commercial coffee makers are placed in regards to where it’s served to customers can keep things moving at a good pace.

The layout of the workstation where your employees work impacts the quality of the coffee and the speed at which customers receive their coffee.

6. Including Complementary Products 

Coffee shops don’t just rely on coffee for their revenue. They also sell a range of other products that are complementary to the coffee. Even when it comes to coffee shops that can generate lots of revenue from just their coffee alone, they boost their income by selling other items.

Complementary items are a great way to help mitigate the high overhead costs of having a coffee shop. Offering additional products also helps with your longevity to continue being a successful business long into the future.

Some common complementary items that you can integrate into your coffee shop include sandwiches, muffins, cookies, and cakes. It’s a superb way to boost your income and offer customers additional items that they can enjoy alongside their coffee.

Creating promotional offers for complimentary items is a great way to help customers become more aware of the other items that you have to offer. Offering them at a discount is an incentive for customers to try out the additional items, especially when the complementary product comes discounted with their regular coffee order.

6. Dedication 

Opening up a successful coffee shop requires tremendous amounts of dedication. Financially, physically, and mentally, you should be prepared to be putting in the long hours. Most coffee shop owners work up to 90 hours per week to earn enough for their payroll.

Before you even have your shop up and running, you’ll need to invest upwards of $20,000. Investing this amount of time and money means that you’re going to have to be in it for the long run.

Therefore, you should take all of these aspects into consideration before making any moves to make sure that you think you can follow through for the years to come. Initially, it may be a real struggle and a grind, but it can eventually lead to having a successful coffee shop which makes all the effort worth it.


Now that you know more about some of the secrets to having a successful coffee shop, you can start implementing the tips in a practical way along your journey. Hopefully, you can put the details found throughout this post to good use!

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