Why You Should Give up Rice Cereal

When you have an infant, and you start to expand your baby’s diet, you often end up going to the supermarket to buy food that will fit them and make them healthy. When it is your first child, you find it hard to buy the right food for them . Every baby food looks good in any parent’s eyes because it has been written that they are nutritious and have the right vitamins, but before you buy any food, research the right product that will bring about needed results.

One of the common baby foods is rice cereal, and even manufacturers say that this is the best food for your child. However, there is a downside to rice cereal, and we are going to talk about the reasons why you should not trust rice cereal too much.

The reasons why you should avoid rice cereals are ;

Breast Milk is more nutritious

For the first six months, breastmilk and formula should be your best friend because they will give your baby the iron they need. If you decide to give your child solid food, make sure products are high in iron, zinc and vitamins.. But the moment your child has passed the breastfeeding stage, it started to be more complicated to meet all of your baby’s nutritional needs. . Food like meat is rich in iron, but also a lot of vegetables and fruit, for example, strawberry, also are rich in iron and vitamins. And you won’t have to give your baby rice cereal.

Fresh food is the best

A long time ago, people rarely had refrigerators and opted for canned food. Fruits and vegetables were also canned, which most children were given. Today, technology has changed. As parents, we have a lot of conveniences, like refrigerators, and we can buy a lot of fresh food to store them. Making food for your children has become easier now since you can buy a lot of fresh vegetables and cook them for a long period of time. Now it is no longer a problem to get even an exotic fruit or vegetable that your child likes.  Fresh food, mostly vegetables and fruits, are great for your baby’s immunity.

Cereal rice could cause deficiency

The moment your child stops breastfeeding, and they start eating solids, all the nutrition they are getting from breastmilk needs to be should be met in the solid food they are eating. But, be careful! You should ensure your baby gets the right amount of nutrition, since too much of them is not good for your baby, and, on iron example, too much iron may lower hemoglobin levels, what also have consequences. This is why too much rice cereal is not healthy.

Could lead to diabetes

Studies have shown that people who eat rice more than five times have an increased rate of becoming diabetic. When you get used to giving your child white rice cereal on a daily basis because it seems nutritious, you are introducing type 2 diabetes to your child’s system. Sounds serious, but we already know a lot of substitutes for this product, and we can offer our babies the best of the best.

May distort your child’s taste buds

Rice cereal has no particular taste, and parents tend to add sweet things like fruits so that their children can eat the food you have prepared. The moment you decide to give your child rice cereal without anything, they will find it not that attractive.


As a parent, opt for natural foods other than rice cereal.

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