3 New Opportunities for Budding Entrepreneurs With Kilo Grupe

Do you know any entrepreneurs who seek to create their own businesses in the health and wellness industry? Kilo Grupe is offering 3 new opportunities for aspiring healthcare leaders. 

Ready to set your hours, manage your team, and focus on the big picture?

Co-found a digital health venture with Kilo Grupe

Do you believe you have a solution for a widespread health problem? 

Would you like to focus on the big picture and get all the support you need for your project to succeed?

Does your idea require a team of app developers, insights from expert nutritionists, or a facility for storing your products? Kilo Grupe can find a way to provide you with the necessary tools for success. 

UAB Kilo Grupe helps the new business with operational, marketing, customer success, and other types of support. The co-founder also gets a full salary. Hence, they can focus on the product’s success instead of trying to juggle their personal responsibilities and creating their business.

Over the last call for co-founders, Kilo Grupe has received more than 1,000 applications in less than 3 weeks from Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, and other countries.

Apply for the program here. 

Become a CEO of a business unit 

You don't yet have an idea that you feel has the potential to change the world? No worries – Kilo Grupe has plenty of them. 

At least 20% of the people in Kilo Grupe are part of the Research and Development department. 

If you want to become an entrepreneur but do not have a project in mind, you can apply to become the CEO of one of the new projects. Every idea went through a vigorous market research process and already has customers that believe in its success. 

Your goal would be to use the resources needed and turn a solid idea into a global business.

UAB Kilo Grupe has already created such brands as Kilo Health, Klinio, and Sensa. It is constantly looking for new entrepreneurs to join its leadership team.

Get an investment into your startup

Already have a startup? It’s your lucky day, too. 

Over the past few years, Kilo Grupe has invested over 2.5 million euros into various healthtech startups, such as Pulsetto, Medical Score, Tyler.Health, and Revolab

Kilo Grupe has a portfolio of 15+ products and steadily creates a holistic system for lasting health and longevity.  

The company seeks to support the digital health startup ecosystem and help new talents solve the global health crisis. 

So if you already have a startup that needs some help taking off, Kilo Grupe might be the right place. 

Why work with Kilo Grupe? 

Deloitte has named Kilo Grupe the second fastest-growing company in Central Europe in 2021. The company also landed on the FT1000 ranking as the second fastest-growing company in Europe. 

It has more than 4M+ customers worldwide and more than 600 people redefining the future of digital health.

Every product developed by Kilo Grupe is built on the idea that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to health. Our bodies are unique. We all need to consider our current lifestyle, environment, and genetics to create a healthy routine that prevents disease and tackles the issues. 

Naturally, the company uses services from expert nutritionists, psychologists, and sports experts to put the latest scientific findings into practical use. At the same time, Kilo Grupe uses the newest technology, such as machine learning or virtual reality, to explore new ways to treat diseases. 

The company makes the most out of science and technology to advance human health. Today might be the best time to join it.

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