Guaranteed Weight Loss With Your Spatz Gastric Balloon Without Surgery

Regardless of the plethora of details out there today about exercise and weight loss. With this, a lot of people are still misformed when it comes to losing some pounds. The numerous numbers of crash diets are evident. Although, some work, many many are just a waste of time. And fade diets could give temporary results but that weight will be gained back.

The caloric deficit remains the king of weight loss. When this is mixed with exercise, it's easier and faster to achieve your goals. However, this sounds simple in theory, but it takes lots of discipline I'm practical - hormones and genetics also play major roles. How overcome the feeling of hunger seems like a lasting solution.

That's where Spatz's gastric balloon comes in. It is a non-surgical approach for losing significant weight. Keep reading to understand why it's very potent.

How The Spatz Gastric Balloon Procedure Works

This procedure uses a gastric balloon. The balloon occupies about one-third of the stomach volume of a patient. This enables the stomach to empty slowly. This keeps the food in for a longer period. As food keeps building over time, there are indicators from the stomach of the patient. This means there is too much food. It helps him/her easily use the gastric balloon to build up healthier eating habits.

Today, the Spatz Gastric Balloon is the leading balloon that has recorded mist success rate went comes to overall weight loss. What makes this tool unique is that it is adjustable. It can be used for prolonged treatments. With the adjustable gastric balloon comes the opportunity to switch between two commit issues in the procedure.

With the Spatz adjustable gastric balloon, the volume of a balloon can be increased during the adjustment phase. With this, treatments maybe for 12 months. So far, Spatz gastric balloon remains the best weight loss ballon.

How Much Weight Loss to Expect from Spatz Gastric Balloon

Most often, patients who undergo the gastric balloon procedure lose about 15% of their initial weight. That's between 10 and 25kg, according to their starting weights.

Also, It is important to use the service of a trainer and dietician during this period. Regular exercise and a proper diet are required for the best result. They are the foundation to success in your overall success in your weight-loss journey. You must change your lifestyle accordingly.

Don't expect massive weight loss from the gastric balloon procedure. This is the same expectation for other bariatric procedures. However, the use of the gastric balloon is a means to help you achieve reasonable weight loss.

It is also easier for patients to adapt to their exercise and diet after going through the six months of gastric balloon procedure. Especially after the balloon is removed. They have formed healthy habits in the process.


Using the Spatz gastric balloon procedure is a sure way to lose reasonable weight. The process is easy and non-surgical. By the time you are done with it, you would have formed healthy habits for your overall wellbeing.

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