6 Bathroom Venting Solutions That You Can Implement Right NOW!

Among all the places of your home, the bathroom is the wettest place. Every time you take a hot shower, your bathroom gets wet that eventually leads to a humid environment in the bathroom. You will notice a funky smell, chipping paint, mold, and mildew growth with so many other problems.

But there is nothing to be worried. There are some solutions to fix the problem. And for that, you do not need to hire any professional and pay an insane fee. You can apply these solutions yourself.

Effective Bathroom Venting Solutions

I will try to keep it short. I know there are a lot of solutions to solve the venting problems of your bathroom out there. But trust me, most of them are overkill! Rather you should try these following highly effective tips:

Install/Fix Your Exhaust Fan

I can’t imagine a bathroom without an exhaust fan. They are alone so effective to solve the venting problem. As you know, your bathroom will be full of moisture because you take hot showers. This is the biggest problem of any bathroom. This is why you need to work out the venting solutions.

The most efficient way to solve the moisture problem of your bathroom is to install a bathroom exhaust fan. If you don’t have one, visit ReliefInBath.com to find some popular brands. If you already have one but not working properly, I suggest you fix it ASAP!

Bathroom exhaust fans are designed for only one purpose which is to keep the bathroom free of moisture. It will improve the bathroom air quality as well. This is your number one bathroom ventilation solution that you can’t ignore.

If you decide to install a fresh and brand new exhaust fan, make sure you order the one with the right capacity. You have to measure your bathroom first to get the right CFM. The CFM of the bathroom fan depends on the measurement of your bathroom.

Most people screw up the exhaust fan keeping it running 24/7. I know some brands claim that capacity. Buy it’s your money you are wasting doing so. Do not keep it running all the time. You can keep it running for a maximum of 30 minutes after you take a shower.

Don’t worry if you can’t install an exhaust fan for technical or whatever reasons, there are still some options available for you.

Keep The Window/Door Open

Alright, you do not need to keep them open all the time. But whenever you take a hot shower, keep the window open. If you keep it open even slightly, it will draw all the moisture from the bathroom and improve the air quality.

You can keep the window open when you use the toilet or do some vanities routines as well.  Your bathroom does not have a window even? No problem, there are still some solutions that you can implement.


Install a Dehumidifier

Don’t tell me you don’t have a budget for that! They are so cheap but very handy to keep the bathroom moisture-free during the winter. However, you need to install it on a discreet position of the bathroom and don’t forget to empty the dehumidifier’s water reservoir each time you take a shower.

Space Between Floor & Door

There should be enough air-flow inside the bathroom even when not in use. Apart from keeping the window open to ensure free air-flow, there should be enough space between the bathroom floor and the door bottom.  That is because you want to ensure let the inside moisture out as much as possible and let the air in from outside.

Leaving Air condition /Fan Running

That’s another great bathroom venting solution. You want ample amount of clean air inside the bathroom. So, you can leave the air condition or the fan running occasionally to ensure that. In addition to doing so, it will help the inside moisture to get out as well.

Manual Work

Yes, nothing beat the manual work. No matter what kind of fancy venting solutions you adopt, every now and then you have clean your bathroom manually. Yes, it’s labor-intensive work, but it’s a small price to pay keep your bathroom clean, dry, and ensure a pure air.


Your bathroom plays a great role in keeping your family members to stay healthy. You can’t keep it healthy without ensuring proper ventilation. Feel free to apply these tips mentioned-above and don’t forget to share this article with your friends!

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