Bounce House Party – Few Fun Games to Play

There’s no denying that kids love to play with bounce houses and inflatable castles! Whether they spot it a birthday party or an amusement park, the apparent instinct is to get inside and jump. And kids can do this for hours, with short breaks in between.

However, there are times when kids do get bored by everyday jumping on soft, colored, inflatable surfaces. They need something exciting to hold their interest. It is here that you should introduce fun bounce house games.

Today, couples also play bounce house games. Are you planning for a bounce house party soon?  If yes, you need to get the correct inflatable amusement device that fits your outdoor space. To get an idea you can check out MYBHR water slide jumper. Do you think about the bounce house games? Discussed below are a few of the easy and exciting games that your kids can play.

Freeze bounce

Play music as your kids bounces in and around the house! Pause the music at chosen intervals. The moment the music stops, kids should freeze in the exact place they are. They should stand completely still. The one who falls over or can’t keep the posture is out of the game. Start playing the music again and pause it after a while and repeat the set.

The bounce pair race

You need four players for this game. So, team the kids in groups of four and allow the teams to play one by one. Pair the kids and let them stand facing opposite corners. When you say “Go” players should bounce and switch position with their partners. The pair who completes the round wins.

Even though there’s no clear rule of losing or winning applicable for the bounce house. But you can introduce a small prize as you fix such games. The team that wins keeps playing with the new group.

Switch place

It is essentially a birthday bounce house game. Give a number to kids playing the game. Make them sit in a circle format inside the house. Make the birthday kid stand right at the center and ask him/her to take two numbers. Kids, who have these numbers, must get up and swap places before the birthday kid sits in the empty spot. The kid who can’t take the seat calls out two numbers.

Bounce her/him over

One more birthday bounce house game, it is simple to play! Make the birthday kid sit at the center for the house in a position that he/she is comfortable. Other kids keep bouncing till such time the birthday kid tumbles and alters the posture

Balloon attack

Make the kids stand in a line in the house’s opposite side. Allot a color to everyone. Fill the bounce house with balloons of every color allotted to the players. Kids should toss the balloons on the other side by standing in the same place. The task is to keep balloons of any different color out from their side. Once the game time is up, you should count the balloons each kid has on his/her side.

There are several other games that you can play inside a bounce house! Some games are created especially for a birthday party. While others are designed to play anytime, kids are inside the inflatable castle. Let your kids choose the games they like and play as much as they want.

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