Buttermilk. What It Is And How To Consume It

Buttermilk can hardly be called a common product in our kitchens, at least, compared to other dairy goods. In addition, many of us believe that this product is something similar to ordinary milk, only a bit thicker. 

On the one hand, yes, buttermilk does belong to dairy foods “family” and its storage conditions are almost the same as you can see. But on the other hand, this is way far from milk and even yogurt.

Let’s see why.

History Of Buttermilk

The funny thing is that traditional “old-fashioned” buttermilk differs slightly from the modern product we have on the store shelves.

Years ago, when butter was produced manually, buttermilk was a byproduct left after the butter making. It was thin, the non-fat liquid with the rich taste that was left in churns after making butter. It contained lots of healthy bacteria and cultures, all naturally developed, that were needed for enriching the butter’s taste and aroma. Notably, that buttermilk could stay good longer than raw milk.

But what do we have today? Nowadays, commercially produced buttermilk is, in fact, ordinary pasteurized milk inoculated with cultures, pretty much alike with yogurt or kefir. That is why, unlike its traditional counterpart, store-bought buttermilk can be of any fat range from skim to full-fat whereas the original byproduct was always fatless.

The tastes of these two products also distinguish. Commercial foodstuff has way more tangy, acidic, and thick savor compared to the traditional or even homemade buttermilk.

Usefulness And Consumption

Many people believe that buttermilk is only meant for adding it to baked goods but this dairy drink can actually be consumed as it is! Taking a glass of pahta daily before going to bed or in the morning will provide your body will many necessary vitamins and elements.

  • Pahta is super rich in probiotics and active cultures that are extremely beneficial for our gut and digestion. 
  • It is a complete food with all the macronutrients we need like proteins, carbs, lipids, vitamins, and enzymes.
  • It helps to maintain the water balance
  • It soothes our stomach lining after the spicy food and removes any irritation
  • It cools our body reducing hot flashes
  • Pahta washes down heavy foods so taking a glass of it after a fatty dinner will make your stomach feel better
  • It is rich in calcium
  • Pahta is a great body detoxer due to riboflavin that transform the eaten food into energy
  • It balances blood pressure
  • Buttermilk consumption will balance the cholesterol level
  • It keeps the stomach acidity balanced and helps to lose weight
  • This dairy drink boosts our immune system since it is rich in lactic bacteria.  

This miraculous foodstuff can even be used as a skincare product since it has a moisturizing and nourishing effect!

So next time you go shopping, don’t forget to grab a packet or two of this healthy and so delicious drink! And if you can, try to find original or homemade buttermilk – to try the authentic product as it is.

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