Top Exercises To lose Fat and Tone Your Body

If you have belly fat, you always would have thought of a slim waist. Getting your body in good shape is always beneficial. Belly fat is the fat that gets accumulated near your waist region. Though there is no direct impact, excess belly fat indeed results in poor health. It can even lead to hypertension and high cholesterol along with high sugar levels. Hence, you should try to cut it down and get in good shape.

To lose fat, experts say that spot reduction is just a myth and not possible practically. Hence, you need to lose overall fat from your body. To do that, you need to follow certain procedures. You need to have a calorie-deficit diet and along with it, there are certain exercises that you can perform. Today, Healthclubfinder has included some exercises to lose fat and to give your body a proper shape.

Following are certain exercises that you can perform:


Simple yet effective cardio exercise is walking. Along with a calorie-deficit diet, one can walk around to stay fit. How much to walk? Well, it all depends on your capacity. But on average, a half-an-hour walk in a healthy environment would suffice. Along with walking, you can run as well. Running is a more intensified workout and hence, will burn more calories. Remember, our primary aim is to consume fewer calories than the maintenance level.


Cycling is one such exercise that you can enjoy while performing. It also helps to get the heart rate spike up. Moreover, a high-intensity cycling round can burn a significant number of calories!


One of the most vital as well as effective exercises to cut down the belly fat is crunches. Lay down on the floor, and keep your body relaxed. Now, proceed to bend your knees and try to touch them on your chest. People who want to lose fat as well as build abs perform this exercise.

Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbers is also one such exercise that will work with your core. As the name suggests, you will feel like you are climbing a mountain. To perform this exercise, you need to lay down in a plank position by keeping your wrists beneath the shoulder. Now, move your right leg to your chest and back to normal position. Now, it’s the turn for the left one! Move your left knee towards the chest area and return it to the normal position. This sums up our Mountain Climbers.


Burpee is an exercise that involves your full body. Moreover, the exercise is an anaerobic one but if done regularly over a prolonged time, it can also be considered as an aerobic exercise. Proceed by standing shoulder-width apart. Now, go in a squat position and by keeping your knees bent, lower your hands along the floor. Do a single push up and jump back to the starting position where you were standing shoulder-width apart. If you want to sum the procedure up, you can consider it as an exercise in which a push up is done and after it, immediately jump squat is done.


If you are going to Gym on a regular basis, you can do the Rowing exercise to have a strong back as well as lose some fat. You can achieve two things by performing rowing exercise: Firstly, you can burn a high number of calories as the exercise tends to increase the heart rate. Secondly, it also helps in building muscles in your shoulders as well as back. All in all, it indeed is a win-win exercise. You can do a 10-12 rep exercise followed by rest. Make sure you go heavy while working out to burn more fat.


Yoga is an exercise that you can perform almost everywhere. It is not a high-intensity exercise like rowing or running, but it helps in increasing your endurance. This in turn will improve your metabolism rate. There are various yoga postures such as Chaturanga and wheel which helps to reduce belly fat.

Strength Training

Going heavy will give you surprising results! If you are a gym-freak person, you might know how lifting heavy impacts fat loss. Start doing the strength training exercises in the gym by lifting heavier weights. Apart from going heavy, you can also reduce your rest time. You can achieve the afterburn effect by lifting heavy weights. It is also vital to note that you should not go heavy beyond a limit where the form of exercise gets suffered. It can lead to injury and also will not give you fruitful results.

Incline Running

Looking to burn as much as 50 percent more calories, running on an inclined surface may help you in that! Reports have suggested that if you run on an incline machine rather than a flat one, you can burn more calories in a similar amount of time. After you have stepped on the machine and two to three minutes have elapsed, you will notice your heart rate going up.

Russian Twists

Russian Twist is one exercise that involves the core area and improves strength. It is performed with the help of a medicine ball, or sometimes, plate as well. Just sit on the floor and keep your knees bent by keeping your feet on the ground. Hold the ball with both of your hands and keep it at chest level and slightly away from your body. Straighten your back and lean backwards. Turn left and right by going back to normal position and squeezing your oblique muscles. You will feel a great impact once you perform this exercise in a correct manner

This was all about the top exercises to lose fat and give your body a good shape. We hope that the article has served its purpose and will help you in losing fat.

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