What Makes Bread Dumplings from Czech a Special Treat?

Bread dumplings are common in Central and Eastern European cuisines. The recipes vary from one region to another. But generally, they use flour or stale bread, eggs, salt, and liquid for binding yeast (or other leavening agents). Then, you can add dried meats, herbs, fat, and other ingredients.

When you visit the Czech Republic, you should not miss having bread dumplings as they are a special treat.

This post discusses every related thing that helps you understand what makes them special.

Let's start with the story.

The Story of Czech Bread Dumplings

The Czech word "knedlik" was used for elongated or round mixtures of meat and remade bread rolls. Nowadays, Czech cuisine offers a variety of yeast-raised dumplings. "Karlovy Vary Dumpling" is the most common type of bread dumplings.

The potato dumpling is also popular because it is made of flour and boiled potatoes. So, when you visit the Czech, you can eat a variety of dumplings.

Why Are They Called Bread Dumplings?

The bread dumplings are called the "bread" ones as they contain diced white bread. The best option is the white bread with a golden crust as Czechs use hourly or rohlik.

The white bread should be 2 to 3 days old and stake; otherwise it falls apart in the dough and can't be recognizable in the end product. You should try dumplings to cherish the delicate toast bread that soaks up the sauce and disintegrates before completing eating.

Knedliky needs to contain 10 to 30% of bread cubes. Do you like dumplings with a lot of pastry? You should have Karlovarsky Knedlik.

Traditional Bread Dumplings Offer a Taste for People of All Ages

Filled dumplings, be it savory or sweet versions, are another pride of Czech cuisine. Savory versions are generally filled with chopped or bacon ham and cracklings. When you top them with crisp-fried onion and pickled cabbage, they taste like heaven.

Sweet dumplings are made of poppy seeds, curd cheese, marmalade, and fruits. Then, powdered sugar is added with a touch of melted butter and sometimes with grated gingerbread and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

If you want to enjoy the best bread dumplings in the Czech Republic, it is advisable to visit one of the top restaurants in the "Czech Specials" list who are mainly known for the dish.

Bread Dumplings Can Be a Great Side Dish

By now, you have understood that bread dumplings are a popular dish in Czech cuisine. But they can also be a good side dish.

In the earlier days, dumplings were a side dish served as the main course in poorer places. It led to the rise in regional specialties like bosky, or a sweet version served with poppy seed and prepared in Moravian Wallachia and called sulanky.

Another regional specialty is potato dumplings varieties known in South Bohemia as drbaky and in the Sumana mountains (Bohemian Forest) as bosaky.

Presently, dumplings demonstrate rich in-calories and unhealthy elements of Czech cuisine.

Nutritional consultants don't criticize their high level of calories. Instead, they warn against the utilization of white flour that works well for all meals, reasonable servings, and the right balance of nutrients.

If you don't place dumplings all around your plate and don't eat them every day with a big portion of sauce, you don't need to avoid them. 

Keep Frozen Bread Dumplings in Desired Amounts

Did you know you can freeze bread dumplings? It is advisable to spread out the dumplings in the freezer, so they don't touch.

Lay out the bread dumplings in an airtight container after half an hour. As the dumplings get frozen separately, you can always intake the desired amount. It would help if you did not miss having the frozen dumplings as they taste different.

Thaw Bread Dumplings and Enjoy the Freshness

Take the bread dumplings out of the freezer, put them in a plastic bag, and let them thaw at your room temperature.

Speed up the thawing process by putting the dumplings inside a bag into the microwave. Once you thaw them inside a plastic bag, their surface won't dry out, and your bread dumplings will taste fresh.

Bread Dumplings Taste Awesome with Czech Sauces

You can have bread dumplings with famous Czech sauces such as rajska and svickova. They are the perfect accompaniment for Czech goulash, stew, and roasted duck with cabbage. Knedliky leftovers taste awesome when diced and fried with eggs in butter.

Bottom Line

Whenever you visit the Czech Republic, you can't afford to miss bread dumplings because of their popularity and awesome taste.

The discussed points above must have helped you understand what makes bread dumplings from the Czech a special treat. So what are you waiting for? Just go and grab it.

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