Choosing the Best Omelette Pan Size for Beginner’s

Using the right tools when making anything is important and when it comes to cooking with the right kitchen tool or investing in equipment that will determine how your food turns out. When cooking an omelette, you need to use the right pan for the job. Don’t just go for any old pan in your kitchen because while it will still do the job, the omelette might not turn out as perfect as you might expect. You need to choose an excellent omelette pan even if you might have to spend a little extra on one.

But when shopping for one it can be difficult to decide on the best omelette pan. Remember that there are different ways to cook eggs and if you love egg recipes then a good omelette pan is a must have, especially for the perfect brunches. You need to get the best omelette pan size for your omelette cooking. Below are a few things to choose the best omelette pan size for beginners.


The wrong size pan can make your omelette look gross. Determine the size of omelettes that you intend to cook when you’re shopping for size. It will also depend on how you like your omelettes. In general, the size of omelette pans ranges between eight and 12 inches in diameter. Below are different sizes available and how to use them.

20 cm (8 inches)

This is the recommended size if you are cooking 2 eggs or would like to cook omelettes for a single person. A tailored omelette can be cooked depending on a person’s taste without affecting how fluffy the omelette is and prevent it from being overcooked. For thicker omelettes get a smaller sized pan closer to 8 inches.

25 cm (10 inches)

The 25 cm pan can be used to cook three eggs. It’s also a great option if you’d like to cook large omelettes or two people at once and for crepe-like omelettes which require a larger pan since it can make a larger omelette enough for about two servings.

30 cm (12 inches)

A 30 cm pan can cook four eggs and is a great option if you’d like to cook larger omelettes for more than 2 people. With the 30 cm diameter you can cook an omelette that is not only big enough but also tasty and enough for three or four servings. A bigger pan is also versatile and can be used for other cooking tasks such as frying a steak, grilled cheese and cooking bacon. Smaller sized omelette pans are ideal for cooking sautéing veggies.

In addition to the size, you need to check what material the pan is made of. The material needs to distribute the heat evenly to avoid dry, over-cooked omelettes. The pan should also be of the right shape which is either round or oval. The best is one that will allow you to flip your omelette or slide the omelette from the pan without breaking it. Once everything is set from having the right pan and all the ingredients, when cooking, pay attention to how your eggs are cooking.

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